How Long Will a Dental Implant Procedure Take?

People frequently inquire about the length of dental implant surgery in Palm Beach. Other patients may only struggle to keep their dentures in place, while others must replace lost teeth. They are sometimes used to replace teeth that have recently been pulled or never fully developed.  

For example, a tooth may have needed to be extracted due to decay, an infection, gum disease, or a dental injury. Depending on the type of implant and how many implants are being inserted, the length of an implant operation varies from case to case.  

Dental Implants in palm beach model between natural teeth

Dental Implant Procedure  


The initial time you visit the dental office for treatment—aside from a consultation—is for a comprehensive oral examination. This includes X-rays and sometimes a 3D imaging scan so the dentist can get a clear picture of what has to be done overall. They will create a treatment plan based on your dental needs using this information.  

Implant Method  

Your dentist will arrange surgery once the thorough assessment is finished. The surgical procedure for placing the implants involves a surgical placement. It is the first stage in the implant procedure.  

Your jawbone will receive a titanium screw from your dentist. The dentist will insert the screw below your gums to serve as an anchor. Each screw is typically inserted in this process over the course of 1-2 hours. Therefore, the length of the dental implant surgery will be determined by the number of implants you receive in a single appointment.  

Most dentists will finish the final tooth replacement restoration after the healing phase. Even though it may feel like a lengthy time, the waiting period is necessary to ensure the success of your implant treatment. For the implant to support your new crowns or bridges, it must first integrate with your bone during the healing process.  

Postoperative Rehabilitation  

Some patients report swelling, bruising, or serious discomfort right after receiving an implant. Depending on how much work your dentist had to do to install the implant, this may or may not be the case. Additionally, if a tooth needs to be removed for the treatment, it will hurt more. It’s crucial to provide enough time between your implant surgery and the fitting for your crown. In general, the healing period lasts 90 days.  


The next step is to return to surgery and have the socket-shaped dental part known as the abutment inserted after your dentist is satisfied that bone fusion has occurred. The abutment includes exposing the implant once more and acting as an interconnecting stress absorber between it and the permanent porcelain crown. The final porcelain crown is set into place once the implant has been fitted.  

Moreover, patients may return for a separate fitting, or this may be completed at the same time as the abutment.  

Advantages of Dental Implants    

Although dental implants have a variety of advantages, the fact that the teeth are implanted into your gums is among the common reasons patients avail of this treatment.  

Another reason is that they are designed to fit in between any existing teeth you may have and are shaped to look like your natural teeth. This advantage will not compromise your facial structure because dental implants become a permanent part of your natural smile.  

The dental implantation operation itself is painless because you will be sedated, and your gums will recover in 6–12 weeks. As a result, your smile will be fully functional and begin to feel like it is a natural part of your teeth in a very short period. You may feel discomfort throughout the healing process as your bone adjusts to the pressure of a newly implanted tooth. However, this should subside after a few weeks, similar to other significant aesthetic procedures.

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Are You Ready to Get Dental Implants in Palm Beach?  

People choose dental implants for a variety of reasons. Whatever the case, speak with our skilled dentist. They can complete an examination and determine whether this treatment is right for you. They’ll point you on the right path and provide you with appropriate advice. Make an appointment with us if you have any inquiries at all for further details.