What Happens if I Don’t Get Dental Implants?

While a missing tooth may appear to be only a cosmetic problem, it can seriously affect your gums, jawbone, and even your neighboring teeth if you don’t get dental implant in West Palm Beach. This is because the teeth, in addition to serving more obvious purposes like chewing and speaking, also affect the health of your gums and jawbone.  

To stimulate the growth of strong bone and gum tissue, tooth roots bind with both the gum and jawbone tissues. Without such stimulation, your gums and jaws may begin to recede, which may eventually jeopardize the health of your entire dental arch.  

Dental implants prevent the decline of your jawbone and stimulate new growth, protecting the remaining teeth in your smile from decay.


Dental Implants: Its Effects When Not Performed Earlier

What Will Happen If You Put Off Getting Dental Implants?

Most people are unaware that delaying the placement of an implant too long can seriously harm their oral health. Unfortunately, because of this lack of awareness, most patients wait far too long to get their dental implant surgery.  

Dental professionals have treated enough patients with dental implants to unequivocally state that postponing or skipping dental implant surgery is to your own harm because it harms your oral health, general health, and finances.  

In many cases, this results in the need for even more dental work than if the issue had been addressed sooner, necessitating more time-consuming and expensive operations. It’s just not worth it.  

Dental Implant Surgery Delayed or Ignored: What Could Go Wrong?

Many things can go wrong if patients opt against dental implants. Those who delay getting dental implants will experience unbearable discomfort issues.  

Delaying even simple tooth extraction is a terrible idea since your neighboring teeth will suffer greater damage the longer a problematic tooth remains in your mouth.  

It gets worse if dental implants are postponed or rejected. The bone begins to atrophy after just one year of not having a tooth, resulting in a rapid bone density and height decline. After a year, you’ll also need a bone graft aside from a single dental implant. While not entirely horrifying, the bone grafting process is nevertheless more painful and expensive than a straightforward dental implant.  

The placement of your teeth is another unfavorable effect of delaying dental implants. Your teeth function as a team; if changes in the mouth occur, such as missing teeth, your other teeth will shift their position. For instance, if you wait too long to obtain a dental implant, there may not be enough room for the new tooth since your huge molars at the back may tip forward into the implant site. Additionally, if the opposing tooth is missing a partner, it may erupt from the arch and interfere with your bite. After you lose a tooth, the neighboring teeth gradually shift in the opposite direction.  

Temporomandibular joint pain, which causes persistent jaw pain, can also be brought on by improper tooth eruption.  

In either case, the patient may require orthodontic treatment, such as braces, clear aligners, or any temporary anchor device to hold the tooth upright and create room for the implant. Again, having immediate dental implant surgery is the simpler, quicker, and less expensive option.  

Benefits of Getting Dental Implants Right Away

Patients should remember that dental implants completely restore their smile and represent an investment in their self-esteem, physical appearance, and oral health.  

Dental implant patients concerned about the cost should remember that the process is quite reasonable and that postponing surgery would cost more in the long run.  

Get Dental Implants in West Palm Beach

Similar to how we use local anesthesia and IV sedation to ensure that all patients are quiet, comfortable, and relaxed, patients who experience dental anxiety or fear of the dental implant treatment should know why it’s not something to be frightened about. Call us!