Why Teeth Next Day®?

Teeth Next Day® Dental Implant Solutions

Being afraid to smile because of your failing or missing teeth can be embarrassing. Whether you are missing teeth from an accident, failing dental work, gum disease, decay or other issues, gaps in your smile can often lead to a lack of confidence, lack of socializing, and even depression. Poor dental health is also closely related to heart disease and a multitude of other health problems. At PGA Dentistry, we can eliminate dental diseases and completely transform your smile with Teeth Next Day.

Teeth Next Day offers the many benefits of dental implants with the added bonus of having a brand new smile the next day after implant surgery. If you’re missing multiple teeth, have advanced periodontal disease, suffer from failing dental work, feel tired of using dentures or other restorations, then look to Teeth Next Day for a quick Restorative Solution that in most cases will last a lifetime.

Teeth Next Day Dental Implant Solutions offer patients a number of OPTIONS for same day dental implants. Where most dental implant centers offer only 1 option to replace failing and missing teeth, Teeth Next Day has created multiple options.

This way, you have a choice of what your permanent teeth look and feel like. In many cases, immediate load dental implants can take months of time between your procedure and your permanent new smile. For some patients, this may not suit their needs, so we take the time to thoroughly discuss your options and help make sure you make the right decision on how to permanently replace your missing teeth.

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  • Permanent Bridgework Designed For Long Lasting Function And Improved Aesthetics

    Most dental implant centers use acrylic materials to fabricate permanent teeth which will inevitably change the color, chip, or fracture with time. On the other hand, Teeth Next Day uses leading-edge materials to build permanent bridgework that won’t stain, chip, crack, or break.

    Teeth Next Day Permanent Implant Bridgework will maintain its strength and beauty for decades, so you can be confident eating the foods you like and enjoy the youthful, healthy appearance of an attractive smile.

  • A Natural Look: Custom Designed Permanently Attached Teeth Supported By Dental Implants

    Dr. Ajmo and our experienced staff carefully create your Permanent Implant Bridge to look and feel like natural teeth. Each Teeth Next Day® Permanent Implant Bridge is crafted in our award-winning, state-of-the-art lab using leading-edge materials that are the most durable and long-lasting materials used in modern implant-supported teeth replacement.

    A collage of before and after photos of a patient, Lenny of PGA Dentistry.

    Actual Patient of PGA Dentistry

  • Find Out If Teeth Next Day® Is Right For You

    If you’re missing 1 or more teeth, have ongoing dental problems or are considering trading in your dentures or dental bridges for a more permanent solution, contact us today at PGA Dentistry. One of our professional staff members will schedule you for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Ajmo, where he can help determine if Teeth Next Day is right for you. Our office is located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, serving patients in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, all of Palm Beach County & South Florida.

    A collage of before and after photos of a female patient of PGA Dentistry.

    Actual Patient of PGA Dentistry

  • Best Solution For Failing And Missing Teeth

    As the name suggests, you can receive your Teeth Next Day implant bridge as soon as the next day. It’s fast and convenient for busy patients without sacrificing the benefits that dental implants can bring.

    Using the latest in 3D imaging, Dr. Ajmo and his experienced team will precisely place the right number of dental implants as anchors for an entire arch instead of an individual anchor for each missing tooth.

    If bone or gum grafting is needed to support the implants, most often it will be performed at the same time to minimize the number of surgeries and reduce the time spent in the dental chair. The entire procedure is performed under IV sedation, so you won’t experience any discomfort or stress during implant surgery. Any supplemental procedures will be discussed with us before treatment begins.

Choosing the Best Implant Dentist To Restore Your Teeth

  • Is The Dentist Board Certified In Dental Implantology?

    Dr. Ajmo is a Diplomate of The International Congress of Oral Implantologists and a Diplomate of The American Dental Implant Association. He’s 1 of only 400 worldwide to earn a Diplomate with The American Board of Oral Implantologists and has a Mastership from the Misch International Implant Institute. He has years of postdoctoral training in dental implantology and is constantly updating his skills to stay abreast of the latest advancements in this rapidly evolving field.

  • Does The Dentist Use In-Office CT Scans For Implant Surgery?

    Our office is equipped with a Prexion CT Scanner which is used in all implant cases. CT Scans offer the doctor 3D views of the patient’s teeth, jaws, and surrounding vital structures. This allows more precise implant placement with a higher measure of safety than traditional black and white x-rays.

  • Does The Office Have A Dedicated Implant Suite For Implant Surgery?

    Our facility has a totally private suite dedicated specifically to implant procedures and IV sedation. This suite is fully equipped with the latest instrumentation for accurate and efficient implant surgery. Dr. Ajmo performs each implant procedure in a totally sterile setting, assisted by highly trained and experienced staff.

  • Does The Dentist Routinely Place And Restore Dental Implants In Their Practice With The Highest Success Rate Possible? Does The Dentist Show Before And After Images Of His Own Treatment So You Can See What He’s Done For Other Patients?

    Dr. Ajmo surgically places and restores implants in his practice on a routine basis with approximately 98% success rate. He’s treated thousands of patients with a broad range of needs and has been performing full-mouth reconstruction since 1987. Visit our smile gallery to see our amazing before and after results of real cosmetic dental patients by Dr. Ajmo.

  • Does The Dentist Place And Restore Implants In The Same Office?

    Dr. Ajmo is skilled in all aspects of the surgical placement of implants as well as bone grafting. Restoring these implants after he himself has placed them offers him a unique perspective as an implant dentist. He knows where he wants the teeth to be, so he places the implants in proper locations for optimum final results. Having 1 expert perform the entire procedure offers patients the convenience of 1 location and the security of relying on 1 doctor to give you the results you want for a healthy and youthful smile.

  • Does The Dentist Routinely Perform Immediate Full-Arch Implant Surgery?

    Dr. Ajmo was the first implant dentist in all of South Florida to offer a Permanent Zirconia Implant Bridge and is one of very few dentists in the United States to offer this amazing advancement in permanent teeth replacement. He developed and trademarked the Teeth Next Day protocol and has carefully expanded the protocol to offer a number of options for permanent implant bridge options.

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