Dental Crowns


If you have a tooth with extensive decay or damage, the good news is it can be restored to full function with a dental crown. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped covering that will protect your weakened tooth, providing structure and support so you can bite and chew with full, normal strength.

PGA Dentistry provides patients with premium IPS E.Max® crowns, for optimal strength, durability, and a beautiful, natural-looking result.

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About Dental Crowns

A dental crown is created to completely cover a tooth that has been compromised by trauma or injury, severe decay or bacterial infection. Patients who are treated with Root Canal Therapy often complete the process with a crown to seal and protect the tooth. Dental crowns look just like a natural tooth and are created to blend in with the other teeth in your mouth. Strong and durable, they return your weakened tooth to full function, so it won’t impair your ability to enjoy a full menu of normal foods.

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Bill had lost many teeth over a number of years and had gradually lost his bite, allowing his lower jaw to collapse forward and up. His wife encouraged him to finally seek help for his dental problems. Dr. Ajmo performed complete dental reconstruction with fixed porcelain bridgework. Now Bill can eat and speak like he used to and his smile looks great.

E.Max® Premium Crowns

IPS E.Max® is an all-ceramic dental crown known for long-lasting durability and superior aesthetics. Each E.Max® crown is made from a block of lithium disilicate glass-ceramic, which is a top-quality material that combines strength and toughness with a delicate appearance.

Created to mimic the translucent beauty and color of enamel, the E.Max® crown blends beautifully with your natural teeth. All-ceramic means these crowns contain no metal alloy base, which eliminates unsightly lines around the gum line or eventual graying of the crown.

IPS E.Max® crowns are more resistant to cracks and fractures than most any other type of crown. They are made to last for decades, or even a lifetime.

About Dental Crowns

Dr. Ajmo will begin your appointment with a thorough dental examination. Most patients will need some preparation for their tooth, which involves removing any damaged or decayed material. In some cases, the clean tooth will need to be reshaped to make room for the crown. You will then be fitted with a temporary restoration, which you will wear for a few days on a trial basis. Dr. Ajmo can then make any adjustments necessary to optimize the fit and comfort of your crown.

Our partner dental laboratory will fabricate your permanent E.Max® crown using Dr. Ajmo’s precise instructions and the impressions and x-rays taken during your appointment. In a few weeks, your crown will be ready and it will be time for you to return for placement. Dr. Ajmo will check the fit and color, then attach your new crown with premium dental cement.

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Complimentary Consultation or 2nd Opinion

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