If you’re looking for ways to improve the look of your smile, implant dentistry can be the ideal solution for you. There are a lot of benefits to having dental implants. Among all other dental solutions, dental implants are the best procedure if what you’re looking for is a long-term solution.


What Is Implant Dentistry?

Despite having a modern lifestyle, many Americans still suffer tooth loss. According to the American College of Prosthodontists, approximately 178 Americans are missing at least one tooth.

The epidemiological study also stated that around 40 million Americans are missing all of their teeth. Fortunately, there are effective dental solutions to fix this problem. With technological advancement, new dental solutions have been developed.

One such recent dental solution is implant dentistry. Dental implant surgery is a procedure of replacing a missing tooth or set of teeth with the most realistic looking artificial ones latched over a fixture.

Dental implants are basically replacement tooth roots.

The Benefits Of Dental Implants

  • The Most Realistic Looking Tooth Replacement

    Unlike other dental solutions such as dentures, that can still look quite artificial due to the material they are made with, dental implants are hard to distinguish from natural ones.

  • No Trouble With Eating

    Other dental solutions will limit you with the type of food you can eat. They can also cause discomfort such as when dentures slide or when certain food sticks to them.

    Dental implants feel and function like real teeth because they are anchored to your jawbone. Having dental implants won’t limit you with the food you can eat.

  • Very Convenient

    Because the nature of dental implants is much like natural teeth, there is no need to remove them. This also means zero chances of getting embarrassed when artificial teeth decide to jump out of your mouth.

  • Most Durable Dental Solution

    Dental implants are the most durable replacement teeth as they are made from materials such as zirconia and titanium, one of the strongest metals on Earth.

  • No Problems With Speech

    Other dental solutions can impact your speech. With implant dentistry, your speech won’t be affected.

  • The Most Long-lasting Dental Solution

    Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care.

  • The Success Rate of Dental Implants

    Depending on where in the jaw the implants are placed, the success of dental implants varies. But in general, the success rate of dental implants is 98%.

  • Candidates for Dental Implants

    Anyone healthy can be a candidate for dental implants. Moreover, you can undergo a dental implant surgery if you have:

    • Healthy gums
    • Enough bone to support the implant

    Almost everyone can have dental implants but we don’t advise anyone to replace their natural teeth with dental implants if there is nothing wrong with them.

    Heavy smokers and people suffering from chronic disorders should first talk to their dentists to know if dental implants are a viable option for them. Otherwise, there can be complications.

  • The Procedure of Dental Implants

    The preliminary procedure in getting dental implants is having your customized treatment plant. This is prepared by trained and experienced professionals in oral surgery and restorative dentistry.

    The next step is the tooth root implant. This is placing a small titanium post into the bone socket of the missing tooth. When the jawbone heals, it covers the implanted post securing it strongly in its place. The healing process can go around 6 to 12 weeks.

    Once the healing process is complete, an attachment called an abutment is connected to the post. This is what enables the new teeth to be secured on the post. This then completes the process of having dental implants.

  • Dental Implants Can Last a Lifetime

    We believe it’s important to note that if dental implants are properly maintained, they can last a lifetime!

  • Are You Looking for Implant Dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens?

    Now that you know much about dental implants, you can come to us if you believe that you can be a candidate for dental implants. We value our clients and you can expect only the best from us.

    Call us today to learn more about the dental services we offer.

Why Would You Choose

Why would you choose dental implants in Palm Beach Gardens or Jupiter FL? Health. Appearance. Function. And those are just the top three!

Missing teeth can really put a damper on life – and so can the wrong kind of dentures!

  • Both missing teeth and dentures can:

    • Make you look decades older than you need to
    • Bring the corners of your mouth down making you look angry or unhappy
    • Lead to bone loss which causes facial collapse, a sunken mouth, and shifting of remaining teeth
    • Contribute to gum recession and infection
    • Make enjoying your food difficult and even lead to nutritional deficiencies
    • Cause oral discomfort, headaches, jaw imbalance, and muscle strain
    • Affect speech and vocal clarity

    Plus if you wear traditional dentures, you know how often you have to refill with gooey denture adhesive, how embarrassing it is to soak your teeth clean at night, and how horrible it is when your denture comes loose while you eat.

Trusted Care

Your Palm Beach Gardens implant dentist, Dr. Jay Ajmo has dedicated his life to helping people with missing teeth get their lives back and start enjoying each day to the fullest!

Bio Horizons

We offer:

  • Single and multiple tooth replacements
  • Implant-Supported Dentures
  • Mini Dental Implants
  • 3-D CAT scan imaging for the ultimate in precision placement and effectiveness
  • Bone grafting to help those with bone loss or prolonged denture wear to qualify for implants
  • Sedation dentistry, including IV sedation
  • and Teeth Next Day for patients who need oral surgery but don’t want to wait to replace their smiles

If you are missing teeth or suffering from ill-fitting dentures, please call us about implant dentistry for Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter. We’d love to help you get your smile back!

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