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  • Why Choose Dental Implants?

    Dental implants are considered to be the gold standard solution to replacing missing or failing teeth. This is because they mimic natural teeth in both form and function. With proper care, dental implants can last you a lifetime, allowing you to smile, speak, eat, and live comfortably and confidently. Implants look just like natural teeth and don’t need to be removed or require any adhesives. You’ll be living your life with implants without ever having to worry about them!

    • Permanent New Teeth
    • Natural Look & Feel
    • Blends in with Your Smile
    • Enjoy the Food You Love
    • Smile Confidently
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The Implant Process

While dental implants provide superior results when compared to any other tooth replacement solution, patients often don’t understand the whole process initially. At PGA Dentistry, we believe in being transparent and giving you information you can use to make an informed decision. Our experienced surgeons utilize cutting-edge technology for every implant case, ensuring quality results, success, and comfort!

  • Bone Grafting

    A dental implant relies on having adequate bone volume to support the post for a lifetime. If you are missing bone in your jaw, a bone graft can help restore the volume to acceptable levels prior to implant placement.

    A CT scan of a person's jaw.
  • Implant Placement

    Your surgeon will secure the dental implant into your jawbone at the precise area needed to restore your smile. We utilize guided implant technology and sedation to make this process simple and gentle.

  • Healing Time

    Dental implants typically need several months to fully heal and integrate into your jaw. When replacing individual or small amounts of teeth, your jaw may need to heal before proceeding. For those getting Teeth Next Day, we can complete all the following steps in just one appointment!

  • Abutment Placement

    After the implant post is inserted, an abutment will be placed over the implant and gums that gives the crown or bridge a surface to be secured to. This is an important step that connects the two parts of your new smile.

  • Restoring Your Smile

    Finally, we cap the implant with a dental crown, bridge, or full-arch prosthesis. This gives you a complete smile again that you can use like normal! The new teeth can be color matched to blend into your smile perfectly.

    Ben's teeth were hopeless and he wanted to look and feel like he had his own teeth. Dr. Ajmo performed complete dental reconstruction with implants and permanent bridgework under IV sedation. Now Ben looks like a new man. I got used to not smiling for the past 20 years. Now eating, speaking and smiling is absolutely a pleasure. Thank you for performing such a wonderful job. -BEN

    A collage of before and after photos of a male patient of PGA Dentistry.

    Actual Patient of PGA Dentistry

  • Implant Options For Any Smile

    Dental implants are a versatile tooth replacement solution that can be excellent for you no matter how many teeth you may be missing! If you are just missing one tooth, that can be easily replaced with an implant, but at PGA Dentistry, we are also able to effectively replace multiple or all your teeth with dental implants! This means you can have a complete, healthy smile again, no matter the severity of your problems. Schedule a consultation to speak with our expert surgeons and find out how we can help transform your life!

  • Guided Surgery

    At PGA Dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, we utilize guided implant surgery techniques for all implant cases. This technology ensures accurate placement of implants through computer generated guides. Now, there is no room for error and patients can enjoy a precisely placed implant and new smile! Guided surgery makes getting dental implants at PGA Dentistry easier, safer, and more predictable than ever before!

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