Periodontal Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens & Jupiter


  • As plaque builds up in your mouth and on your teeth, your risk for periodontal, or gum, disease increases. If this plaque hardens, it can develop into tartar that only professional cleaning can remove. The longer you leave these harmful buildups on your teeth, the greater the threat to your oral health. If your condition worsens to gingivitis, your gums will become red, swollen, and may bleed easily.

    If gingivitis is left untreated, it can advance to periodontitis, which causes your gums to pull away from your teeth to create pockets that often become infected.

    At this stage of gum disease, your soft-tissue and jawbone may begin to deteriorate, and complete tooth loss becomes a risk. Dr. Jay Ajmo provides periodontal treatment at his Palm Beach Gardens practice in order to improve the health and happiness of his patients.

    Studies show that if you suffer from gum disease, your risk for heart attack, stroke, pneumonia, and many other conditions may increase. Foul-smelling breath is a common symptom of periodontal disease that often goes undetected by the patient.

  • Non-Surgical Treatment

    Dr. Ajmo’s goal is to provide periodontal treatment that will get to the source of your condition and eliminate it using the least invasive method possible. In some cases, scaling and root planing, followed by adjunctive therapy and/or prescription medication may eliminate the disease. As with all of our patients, the intensity of your treatment will be completely dependent on the severity of your gum disease. In every periodontal disease case, Dr. Ajmo includes a long-term maintenance guide to help you keep your mouth healthy.

  • Laser Treatment

    Oftentimes, the pain you experience during a dental procedure is due to the heat and friction caused by abrasive tools. Dr. Ajmo uses Biolase® Waterlase™ technology to perform periodontal treatment using a virtually painless stream of water to manipulate soft tissue and bone. This advanced treatment results in less post-op sensitivity and creates a greater patient experience.

If You Are Concerned About The Condition Of Your Gums And Wish To Make An Appointment At PGA Dentistry For Periodontal Treatment, Contact Us In Palm Beach Gardens Today.

  • Gum Surgery

    The construction of your dental bridge will depend on a number of factors, including the number of replacement teeth needed, and the health of the neighboring teeth. In general, a dental bridge has 2 basic parts:

    • he abutments. Dental crowns on each side of a bridge are permanently placed on healthy, natural teeth. The crowned abutment teeth must support the bridge, so their health is imperative. You can also anchor a dental bridge with a dental implant.
    • The pontic. The pontic is the replacement tooth that fills the gap left by missing teeth. A bridge may consist of 2 or 3 pontics. Crafted by talented dental lab technicians, pontics are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.
  • Scaling & Root Planing

    Scaling and root planing is a deep-cleaning method designed to remove disease-causing plaque. Scaling involves removing the tartar from the gum line, and planing eliminates the germ-collecting rough spots on your tooth roots and removes harmful bacteria. This treatment helps reduce discomfort, swelling, and bleeding.

  • The Benefits

    The greatest benefit of diagnosing and treating your gum disease at an early stage is the preservation of your teeth. Improving the health of your gums has a direct effect on the appearance of your teeth, and nothing is more pleasing than a healthy, happy smile. Eliminating gum disease will improve your overall well-being and reduce your risk for more serious health conditions.

  • Candidacy

    A thorough analysis of your gums, teeth, and mouth by Dr. Ajmo will help him determine whether you need periodontal treatment. If you have tenderness, excessive bleeding, or swelling in your gums, it may be time to visit PGA Dentistry to learn more about your gum disease treatment options.

  • Learn More About Periodontal Treatment

    Periodontal treatment at our Palm Beach Gardens practice is unlike any other. Our state-of-the-art technology and advanced techniques give Dr. Ajmo a chance to eliminate your gum disease and give you the tools to keep it away. If you are ready to improve the health of your smile, Contact Us today.

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