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  • Dentures Improve Your Life

    For patients who are missing teeth, a family meal or social event can present a challenge. How can you truly enjoy the food and conversation when you are unable to chew adequately or speak clearly and confidently? A complete and functional smile is important to your quality of life, and with the prosthetic replacement options available today, there is truly no reason to live with the discomfort of a compromised smile. Top-quality dentures offered by Dr. Ajmo in Palm Beach Gardens are custom-crafted to achieve an excellent fit, function properly, and look natural. Completing your smile with new dentures by Dr. Ajmo is an experience many patients call “life-changing.”

    If you are suffering from tooth loss, or have teeth that are loose, contact PGA Dentistry and Schedule A Consultation with Dr. Ajmo.

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  • About Our Dentures

    As an implant and Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Ajmo has the training and experience necessary to provide denture patients with a variety of functional, attractive prosthetic options. With properly fitted dentures, you can enjoy a traditional meal again, and speak without worrying about impaired pronunciation due to missing teeth. In addition, dentures fill out sunken areas caused by missing teeth, providing the underlying structure needed for a fuller, healthier appearance. Beautiful porcelain teeth restorations offer the look and texture of natural tooth enamel, so you can smile with confidence. And, because you are able to eat a greater variety of nutritious foods and enjoy social occasions, dentures contribute to your overall health and happiness.

  • Denture Types

    There are several types of dentures designed to suit the needs of a variety of patients. Traditional full dentures can replace all of your teeth or a full row on top or bottom.

    They are removable, rest on top of the gums, and are held in place with suction and denture adhesive. Partial dentures, for patients who have one or a few missing teeth, are removable, attached with clasps to dental crowns, or secured to a dental implant.

    Implant-retained dentures are attached to titanium posts that Dr. Ajmo surgically places into the jawbone. Special abutments on top of the implants attach to the denture appliance for a firm hold. The dentures are securely attached to the Dental Implants, but they can be removed for cleaning. A new option, the Prettau Zirconia Bridge, is a partial denture that attaches to implants and can be provided the same day as your implant procedure.

  • Consultation and Procedure

    During your initial consultation, Dr. Ajmo will talk with you about your experience with dentures or missing teeth, and discuss your goals and lifestyle. He will explain all the available options, and together you will choose the best option to replace your missing teeth. Dr. Ajmo can perform any necessary tooth extractions, or provide a Dental Crown restoration to cover and strengthen a weak tooth. If implant-supported dentures are your choice, Dr. Ajmo will perform a CT scan to measure your bone density and determine the best possible placement of the implants.

    To create dentures with the best possible fit, Dr. Ajmo will take a precise mold of your teeth to create a three-dimensional model. Dr. Ajmo will take care to ensure the prosthetic teeth are the right shape, size, and shade to complement your appearance. The model is sent to our partner lab, where technicians will craft your dentures. Your completed dentures will arrive in a few weeks.


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