Porcelain Crowns in Palm Beach Gardens & Jupiter

Restore Your Smile With Porcelain Crowns In Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Dr. Jay Ajmo provides porcelain crowns in Palm Beach Gardens, FL to restore teeth compromised by damage or decay, or to restore dental implants. PGA Dentistry uses metal-free E.Max® crowns that produce the most natural-looking results possible.

Older crowns often take on a yellowish tint and may even include a visible metal collar around the gum line. The color and translucency of our cosmetic dental crowns are carefully matched to give your smile a bright, healthy glow. If you would like to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

Patricia had an uneven gumline, dark yellow teeth and a very narrow upper jaw. Because she has such a high smile line, she shows a lot of gum and all her teeth when she smiles. She wanted to show less gum, broaden her upper arch form and have a bright white smile that she could be proud of. She had laser gum contouring to reduce and balance her gum line. Then she had a full smile makeover with cosmetic porcelain crowns and veneers. With the porcelain restorations, Dr. Ajmo widened the appearance of her upper arch to broaden her smile. Patricia’s face looks so much healthier and more youthful.

“I went on for years not comfortable with my teeth and smile. I’m totally amazed at how this improved my overall appearance. Every day, someone comments on how nice my smile looks. My friends tell me my entire face looks younger and healthier. All my thanks to Dr. Ajmo and PGA Dentistry.” - PATRICIA

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  • Understanding The Procedure

    At PGA Dentistry, we hold the quality of our care to the highest standard. Your first appointment with us will involve a comprehensive consultation, digital photographs, digital x-rays, and a comprehensive examination with Dr. Ajmo. A customized treatment plan based on your needs and personal requests will be created just for you. If necessary, a sedative may be prescribed to keep you relaxed and comfortable.

    We will first prepare your teeth, removing any decayed portions, and your teeth will be deeply cleaned and polished. Next, we will fit you with provisional restorations and give you a chance to wear them for a few days. This interim period will allow you to take note of the way the crowns look, how they affect your bite and ability to chew comfortably.

    Next, we will send molds, photographs, x-rays, and detailed instructions to our quality ceramics laboratory, where your permanent crowns will be fabricated to the highest standards. In a few weeks, your porcelain dental crowns will be ready to be placed. We will do a final check of the fit and color of your crowns and, using high-quality dental cement, attaching them to your prepared teeth.

    Caring for your dental crowns requires the same attention as your natural teeth such as brushing your teeth and flossing daily to keep plaque and bacteria from building up around your gums. We still suggest that you visit our Palm Beach Gardens office for a check-up once every 6 months to clean your teeth and crowns, assess the health of your gums, and help you maintain your good oral health.

  • The Benefits

    Replacing old restorations and improving your smile with porcelain dental crowns makes a substantial difference in your appearance and your confidence. Dental crowns can change the shape, size, color, alignment, and spacing of your teeth. They can also improve your bite and your overall oral health. A whiter, more beautiful smile will give you the confidence you deserve. We can’t wait to see how your new and improved smile changes the way you feel.

  • Candidacy

    Your initial consultation with Dr. Ajmo will determine whether you are a candidate for dental crowns. Crowns can be used to:

    • Restoring teeth that are cracked or have large silver fillings
    • Replacing older dental crowns that are starting to fail
    • Restore teeth damaged by trauma or injury
    • Restore teeth that have undergone root canal
    • Conceal yellowing or discoloration
    • Achieve a properly balanced bite
  • The Cost

    Cosmetic crowns are a long-term investment in saving your natural teeth and making your smile look naturally beautiful. Overall investment is related to the number of teeth restored along with any other preliminary treatment that may be necessary. Our premium lab, although slightly more costly than most conventional volume dental labs, helps deliver long-lasting results that look wonderful and function well. Quite frequently, it’s observed that lesser quality dentistry has to be redone which ends up being more expensive in the long term.

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Actual Patient of PGA Dentistry

We have seen hundreds of patients experience the many benefits of quality dental work, and we want to show you how it can help you too! To learn more about dental crowns, or to schedule a consultation at our Palm Beach Gardens office, Contact Us Today.

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