Zirconia Dentures vs. Porcelain Dentures

Tooth loss isn’t something that most of us give a great deal of thought to until it happens to us. In the unfortunate event that tooth loss does happen, we quickly realize just how much we may have taken our teeth for granted.

Multiple missing teeth can affect our ability to use our mouths properly, and we may find we need to adjust the way in which we bite or chew to accommodate the gaps. Our way of speaking may also change since our tongue pushes against our teeth to help us form sounds.

However, it isn’t just the functionality of our teeth that is compromised when we suffer from gaps in our smile. Many people underestimate the psychological impact that tooth loss can have, particularly if the gaps are near the front of the mouth and very noticeable. Loss of confidence, low self-esteem, feeling unattractive and even suffering from depression are all common side effects.

Fortunately, dentures make it possible to fill the gaps left by multiple tooth loss, restoring your smile to its former glory. While there are various types of denture available, there are two varieties that are more popular than others. We are going to take a look at both porcelain and zirconia dentures to help you make an informed decision as to which is the right sort for your smile restoration.

Porcelain dentures

Porcelain dentures have long been the go-to solution for missing teeth. Created from high-grade porcelain which is safe and biocompatible, the entire denture can be created in shades closely matched to your existing gums and teeth, making it look very discreet and natural.

The denture itself sits over the gums, secured with special denture adhesive which holds it in place. The porcelain prosthetic teeth can easily perform most tooth functions, enabling patients to benefit from experiencing the return of being able to use their teeth normally. Porcelain dentures are also fairly easy to clean and can be taken out and brushed carefully.

However, while porcelain dentures are fairly strong and durable, they are not the most resilient of dentures, and this is one of the reasons why many patients are turning to zirconia dentures instead.

Zirconia dentures

Zirconia dentures have exactly the same design as porcelain varieties. They also share a number of other similarities. They are both made with safe, biocompatible materials. They are both designed to be durable and resistant to damage and staining that can make them look unsightly. And they can both be custom-designed to create a denture that fits the shape, size, and color of your natural smile.

Nevertheless, zirconia dentures have one key advantage that makes many experts consider them far superior to their conventional porcelain counterpart – the fact that they are made from zirconia.

Why are zirconia restorations superior to other varieties?

Zirconia is the newest and most advanced material used in modern dentistry, and it has been shown to supersede porcelain in terms of strength and durability. Dentures that have been made with zirconia have been shown to have a 200% higher bending strength than porcelain products, enabling them to better withstand day to day wear and tear and last significantly longer.

Both porcelain and zirconia restorations are made to look as natural as possible. However, zirconia is much more translucent, and this means that dentures made using zirconia reflect light just like natural teeth, whereas porcelain-made types have a much more matte, flat appearance. Similarly, zirconia has been found to be much more resistant to staining and discoloration, ensuring that your restoration looks fresh and attractive months and even years after you received it.

While porcelain dentures can still be used successfully, many patients are now moving towards choosing zirconia so that they can get the very most out of their newly restored smile. If you would like to discuss the possibility of receiving zirconia dentures, call PGA Dentistry today at 561-627-8666 .