What You Need to Know About Crown and Bridge Restorations

Beauty & Strength Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter Can Count On

Our dentists at PGA Dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter know what makes a smile pop – and it certainly isn’t missing teeth. If you are missing one or two teeth in a row, and haven’t decided on a more permanent solution, our cosmetic crown-and-bridge tooth-replacement system might be for you. 

Replacing Your Teeth – A Step-by-Step Guide to Crown and Bridgework

When your Palm Beach Gardens smile needs help, PGA Dentistry should be your first-line resource. And that’s not just our opinion. Hundreds of patients are happy to say so too. Why? We listen. We educate. And we create excellence. 

Listening to You

This is always the first step in any smile makeover or restoration process. Whether you are interested in a simple smile whitening or you need more advanced work such as our crown-and-bridgework, the most important part of making sure you get exactly what you want, need, and deserve is making sure we know you and your smile. Patients can’t believe what good listeners both Dr. Jay Ajmo and Dr. Jessica Wyatt are. But the responsibility for this conversation is not all on you – don’t worry! Our doctors know how to uncover all the information they need for you to get your best cosmetic-dentistry result. We will show you a variety of our existing smiles and looks, ask just the right questions, and even illustrate what your smile can look like with digital imaging. 

Education, Education, Education

We know how much our Palm Beach Garden and Jupiter cosmetic and restorative dental patients like being in charge of their decision-making processes – especially when it comes to something as important as your smile. That’s why the second step in any dental procedure, especially a tooth-replacement process, involves talking about all of your options, illustrating how they will work, and showing you what they will look like. Our patients are especially amazed at how natural implant-retained crown-and bridge tooth replacements look and how freeing they can be. But even if you choose traditional bridgework, we will walk you through every step of the process so you know exactly what to expect.

Bringing Your Smile Back to Perfection

Not all traditional crown-and-bridge systems are the same. Dr. Ajmo is dedicated to creating the finest restorations possible for every one of our patients and offer a variety of bridge materials to meet your needs including Nanoceramic, Zirconia, and porcelain.

Our bridge systems consist of: 

  • Dental crown abutments. These are permanently placed on healthy, natural teeth to support your bridge. Bridges can also be anchored with a PGA Dentistry dental Implant.
  • The replacement tooth or pontic. This beautiful replacement fills the gap left by missing teeth. Your bridge may consist of one to three pontics and will be so natural-looking and gorgeous, no one will know which teeth are your own. 

Remember, even if you aren’t ready for implant-supported tooth replacements, PGA Dentistry’s traditional crown-and-bridge tooth-replacements can get you back to smiling, eating, and living life to the fullest. 

To learn more about crown-and-bridge systems or a permanent alternative, talk to the experts at PGA Dentistry, give us a call today.