What Are the Benefits of a Full Arch Denture?

If you are missing all of your teeth on your upper or lower jaw, a full arch denture in Palm Beach Gardens can improve your oral function, health, and appearance. This treatment method comprises replacing a whole arch of lost teeth with dental implants and a natural-looking prosthesis. 

To keep dentures in place, PGA Dentistry uses a full arch restoration approach. In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of complete arch repair as well as your treatment options.

Benefits of a Full-Arch Restoration

Maintains the Health of the Jawbone

Dental implants are beneficial to the jaw bone. The jawbone tissue might deteriorate when the roots are lacking. Dental implants encourage jawbone growth in the same way as natural teeth do, ensuring that your jaw remains strong and dense. Sunken cheeks and wrinkles are common side effects of tooth loss, and a strong jaw can help avoid them.

Improved Appearance

It is possible to improve your appearance by replacing a complete arch of missing teeth with a natural-looking prosthesis meant to blend in with your surrounding facial characteristics. With dental implants preserving your jawbone’s strength and dentures replacing your lost teeth, you may laugh, smile, and converse with friends and family with confidence.

Improved Stability

Implant-supported dentures have the same appearance and feel like natural teeth. It is extremely secure because the prosthesis is connected to dental implants that have merged with the jawbone. Implant surgery patients may speak, eat and laugh without worrying about their denture falling out of position.

Consume the Foods You Enjoy

Dental implants, unlike dentures, are placed and connected directly into the jawbone, functioning as tooth roots.

No More Adhesives

Adhesives are required to keep dentures in place firmly. This glue has the potential to alter the taste of your food, and it may not always keep your dentures in place. There are no adhesives needed with dental implants.

Traditional Dentures vs. Implant-supported Dentures

Traditional dentures are prone to sliding, which is a typical concern among patients. Many people find it difficult to enjoy their dentures even when they are in place. Patients who desire to recover natural chewing function may be suitable candidates for complete arch restoration using implant-supported dentures.

Traditional dentures are custom-made to fit a patient’s mouth. Their gums and the jawbone underneath them offer the necessary support. When the dentures brush against the gums, they cause discomfort and uncomfortable patches.

These dentures are one of the most traditional tooth replacement choices. They must be removed for cleaning and before use.

denture supported and maintained by four or more dental implants is known as an implant-supported denture. The denture does not rest on the gums in this case. It is instead attached to implants that are held in place by the jawbone. Only a dentist can remove a fixed implant prosthesis for cleaning and evaluation. Aside from that, it will remain in the mouth indefinitely.

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