The Brilliance of Renewed Youth: Palm Beach Gardens Age-Reversing Dental Veneers

The passage of time doesn’t limit its ravages to wrinkles and age spots. Sadly, time shows up in our smiles as well. And no matter how fit and healthy and ageless you feel, if your teeth are stained, discolored, or unbalanced, your confidence just won’t be what it could. Luckily, Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, FL has cosmetic dentist Dr. Jay Ajmo to turn to. Sandy did and she couldn’t be happier. 

Sandy’s Smile Story

“When I moved here from Houston TX, I met a friend who had absolutely beautiful teeth. I asked her who her dentist was and she told me it was Dr. Ajmo. I scheduled an appointment. Instead of just getting my teeth cleaned, I was shown what porcelain veneers could do for my smile. I was amazed. In pictures, when I’d look at my photographs, I’d see a rabbit. These two little, stained front teeth stuck out more than the others and I didn’t like that.”

Sandy wanted the brightest smile she could have to help her look as young as she felt. Sandy decided to have a complete smile makeover with cosmetic porcelain veneers.

The Benefits of Porcelain Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers are perfect for:

  • Covering deep, intrinsic stains
  • Creating harmony and uniformity in uneven smiles
  • Strengthening worn or damaged teeth
  • Creating a whole new smile that fits your personality
  • Offering a natural and radiant appearance

And because Dr. Ajmo wants only the best for his Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter friends and neighbors, you can count on the fact that your porcelain veneers will be made of the finest materials and created by artisans in our world-class labs. 

Easing Dental Anxiety

“I was very apprehensive when I came in, but once I got into the office and talked to the staff and they showed me before pictures of what they had done to other people, I was like, ‘Wow!’ I believe Dr. Ajmo is here to be a perfectionist. I did my research, and of course, he’s highly accredited and this is what he loves. He’s an artist!” 

Dr. Ajmo understood Sandy’s apprehension and explained every step of her cosmetic dentistry procedures. “Dr. Ajmo was incredible. He took his time with me, showed me what he wanted to do, and set the path for me beginning to end. It was great. He really does look at you individually. What’s more, being sedated was great!  I got into the chair, relaxed, and I honestly don’t even remember a whole lot except waking up and saying, ‘Are you done?’”

Sandy’s Spectacular Results 

Sandy couldn’t be happier with the results of her cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers from PGA Dentistry. “Cosmetic dentistry gave me years back! It’s probably one of the best things I have ever done. Now, when I go anywhere, I can smile and feel comfortable that my teeth are bright and pretty and younger-looking. It’s just a good smile and I don’t have to think about it. I’m really happy with the work that was done and the smile I have – even six years later!  If you want your smile done right, come to Dr. Ajmo for your cosmetic dentistry. I don’t think there’s anybody around that does a better job…and I researched! I looked in Houston. I looked here in Florida, and you’re crazy if you go somewhere else. You’re wasting your time and your money. Dr. Ajmo will do it right the first time.”

To learn more about cosmetic dental care with perfecting porcelain veneers in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, FL, give PGA Dentistry and Dr. Jay Ajmo a call.  Or click here to see more success stories.