Beautifying Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers

Many people in South Florida are not happy with their smile. Having flawed teeth can lead to depression or low self-esteem, with many individuals not smiling or laughing on a daily basis. Being unhappy with your smile can lead to poor living conditions. Everyone should have a smile they can be proud of. Thankfully, there are ways to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry, which will give you a confidence boost and a more enjoyable lifestyle. In Palm Beach Gardens, a popular treatment type of aesthetically flawed teeth is porcelain veneers. With durable porcelain material, the natural teeth can be covered which leads to a beautiful visual smile.

With porcelain veneers, the color of the teeth, shape, texture, and size are considered based on the natural teeth. Veneers will be blended into your smile to create a natural appearance. With porcelain veneers, you are able to cover up chips in your teeth, cracks, misalignment, and discoloration. Such issues can be due to genetics, neglect or trauma to the teeth. With this treatment type, you can have a smile you can be proud of. Contact our office at PGA Dentistry today to learn more about this treatment type and schedule a consultation.

How are Porcelain Veneers Applied?

While you have most likely heard of Porcelain Veneers, you probably have no idea how they are applied. To begin the process, you will need to meet with the dentist and have your teeth reviewed. Photos will be taken of the face and smile so that your options can be analyzed and determined. During this appointment, you can ask as many questions as you like to have a better understanding of the process.

A cosmetic wax-up design of your existing teeth and smile will then be created and sent to a cosmetic ceramics lab along with the photos of your natural smile. Once received, the lab will begin working on the custom veneers specially made for you.

During the application, local anesthetics will be used along with sedation to ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. Temporaries will be placed on your teeth, in the beginning, to make sure that you are comfortable with the new teeth before the veneers are applied. With the temporaries, minor changes can be made if needed so that you will be happy with your veneers.

The shape of your teeth, color, alignment, and overall visual appearance are considered during the creation of your veneers. When applied to your teeth, a veneer cement is used to bond the porcelain shell to your natural teeth. You will see immediate results and in no time, you will be on your way home and loving your new smile.

With this process, you will be provided with a new smile that will help to improve self-confidence. Every time you look in the mirror, you will see your new smile. Do not be surprised to find that you are constantly smiling, as you are so happy with the porcelain veneer results.

Candidacy for Porcelain Veneers

To be able to use this treatment type, you must be determined as a candidate. Patients can benefit from veneers when teeth are crooked, chipped, cracked, irregularly spaced or worn down. After a review of your teeth, the dentist will be able to show you what can be done to improve your smile, which can include porcelain veneers.

If you are not happy with your teeth and have one or more of the issues mentioned above, you most likely are a candidate for veneers. Consulting with our dentist will ensure that you qualify and will get you on the right path to loving your new smile.