Can All Stains Be Whitened?

Teeth whitening may be the most satisfactory cosmetic dentistry procedure if you want an easy and economical solution to improve your smile. The techniques employed by every cosmetic dentist in West Palm Beach can eliminate stains, making them look brighter.    

Intrinsic stains affect the dentin layer, whereas extrinsic stains are those that occur in the enamel layer. Teeth whitening uses a bleaching chemical to dissolve the colored molecules that create stains or discolorations, removing extrinsic stains. However, intrinsic stains might require a treatment like veneers.

Stain Types That Make Your Smile Unappealing    

Trauma Stains  

When teeth are subjected to any kind of damage, the effect is to build up additional dentin. As previously stated, the dentin layer is yellow in hue, giving the teeth a yellow tinge.  

Medication Stains  

Tooth discoloration can occur as a side effect of various drugs, including blood pressure medications, antipsychotics, antihistamines, and antibiotics such as doxycycline and tetracycline.

Tobacco Stains

Because of the nicotine and tartar in cigarettes, one of the most common causes of enamel stains is smoking. When nicotine is exposed to air, it turns yellow, despite the fact that it is a colorless chemical. The tooth enamel takes on a yellowish hue as a result of this. Furthermore, tar is a dark substance that causes stains on the enamel.  

Food and Beverage Stains  

Chromogens are pigments found in highly-colored foods and beverages. They are colorful molecules that lie on the surface of the tooth enamel, staining it. The color of stains on your teeth can change depending on the foods and beverages you ingest.

For instance, the teeth of coffee drinkers are typically yellow to light brown, whereas those who drink wine or consume a lot of tomato sauce may have a subtle reddish tint. Teeth whitening treatments will break down these colored compounds, resulting in teeth that are whiter and brighter.  

Age Stains  

Your enamel layer thins down when you age, exposing the dentin layer and shining through the enamel. Age stains are classified as intrinsic stains because they are caused by dentin discoloration.  

Professional whitening solutions can penetrate the enamel layer and be absorbed by the dentin layer, which is a good thing. This means that teeth whitening can help to remove stains caused by age. However, other cosmetic treatments may be necessary in some circumstances to achieve the best results.  

Let Our Cosmetic Dentist in West Palm Beach Whiten Your Teeth

Generally, teeth whitening is a simple and efficient approach to eliminate stains caused by aging, certain foods and beverages, cigarettes, medication, and trauma. Most teeth whitening techniques that use whitening agents that work on both the dentin and enamel layers brighten the latter, as well as the overall appearance of the teeth. With this cosmetic dental treatment, you can achieve that “Hollywood smile” in no time.

If you have one of these five types of stains and want to whiten your teeth, contact our cosmetic dentist at PGA Dentistry for more information.