Because Healthy, Palm Beach Gardens Smiles Are Ageless

Dental issues are not exclusively the territory of older folks. In fact, by the age of 50, the average American has lost 12 teeth and by the age of 65, 50% of adults have no teeth left. That’s why Palm Beach Gardens patients of all ages come to us seeking help and end up solving their major dental issues with Teeth Next Day dental implants. 

Jackie was a young woman, ready to live her life but feeling severely held back by health and dental issues. Diagnosed with a medical condition that compromised her teeth, Jackie lost the ability to eat and smile. Even eating soft foods caused her pain. “For years, I couldn’t eat without being in pain and I was embarrassed to smile. My bottom teeth were all falling apart to the gum line. Even eating soft foods didn’t matter. I was feeling my worst because I couldn’t smile without being in pain. And I couldn’t be comfortable and smile when people were taking pictures. I felt like my teeth were limiting my entire life.”

How Teeth Next Day Can Save Your Smile – Even When Extractions are Needed

Because her teeth were too compromised to save, Dr. Ajmo removed all of Jackie’s remaining lower teeth. In the very same visit, a Teeth Next Day® Permanent Zirconia implant bridge was placed on her lower arch. Jackie’s upper teeth could be saved, so they were restored with cosmetic porcelain crowns designed to complement her Zirconia Implant Bridge.  

Implant-retained bridges and dentures are remarkably different from traditional prosthetics. Instead of sitting on top of your gums and being held in place by a crown or adhesive, dental implants such as Teeth Next Day become a permanent part of your smile. And because they replace both teeth and roots, they offer a much more stable, attractive, and healthy alternative to temporary or removable tooth replacements. “I was really comfortable in the options that he gave me,” says Jackie warmly. “I felt like I was finally getting a piece of myself back.”

The Beauty of Zirconia

While not everyone chooses Zirconia for their implant bridge, we frequently recommend it to our Palm Beach Gardens’ patients for its durability, stain-resistance, and beauty.  Zirconia is the strongest tooth-colored material used in modern implant dentistry, and it’s completely biocompatible with the human body. We custom mill each tooth replacement using CAD/CAM technology, then individually color and refine them for amazingly life-like color and translucency. 

It’s Life-Changing!

Jackie came through her procedures with flying colors and has found a new lease on life. “I don’t struggle when I eat and I’m smiling all the time. I feel like I got my life back,” says Jackie with a big grin. “Dr. Ajmo and his team didn’t just fix my smile, they gave me a new outlook on life. I’m so thankful to them for giving me a beautiful new smile.”

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