Dental Implants?

Have you lost a tooth to decay, injury, or trauma? Are your smile and confidence suffering? Dr. Jay Ajmo can help. At PGA Dentistry we pride ourselves on the many teeth restoration procedures we offer to our patients. The implant treatments we offer can include Prettau Bridges, Single-Tooth, Multiple-Tooth, Full-Arch, and Mini Dental implants at our Palm Beach Gardens office to replace missing teeth.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a small, yet durable titanium screw, surgically placed in your jawbone to stand in for your missing tooth root. Once implanted, the screw is restored using tooth-colored restorations called dental crowns. Implants are an excellent way to replace your teeth, as they feel, function, and look almost exactly like a natural tooth. To schedule a consultation with our expert implantologist, contact our state-of-the-art practice today.

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Once you lose a tooth, your smile begins to shift; your existing teeth can move out of place, your soft-tissue and jawbone can deteriorate, and the gap left in your gums can harbor disease-causing bacteria. Replacing your tooth with a dental implant not only supports your jaw and the rest of your teeth, but it also makes it much easier to brush and floss to protect against plaque and bacterial buildup.

A missing tooth can make it difficult to chew, eat, and speak normally, but dental implants make your smile whole again to make those everyday functions easy and natural. Maybe your confident smile has been tarnished by an unwanted gap. Boost your self-esteem and express yourself with pride by replacing your teeth with a dental implant. The Benefits you can experience from this procedure are limitless, and Dr. Ajmo’s renowned expertise and success can help you enjoy them.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

In addition to dental implants having many benefits, many of our patients wonder why they should choose dental implants over cheaper methods such as Dentures And dental bridges. Dental implants offer a permanent tooth replacement that looks and feels natural.

Dental Implants In Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Have you lost a tooth to decay, injury, or trauma? Are your smile and confidence suffering? Dr. Jay Ajmo can help. At PGA Dentistry we pride ourselves on the many teeth restorative procedures we offer for our patients. The implant treatments we offer to replace missing teeth include Prettau Bridges, Single-Tooth, Multiple-Tooth, Full-Arch, and Mini dental implants at our Palm Beach Gardens office.

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Understanding The Procedure

Replacing teeth with dental implants can be done quickly and carefully at PGA Dentistry. Your procedure will begin with a comprehensive consultation to determine your candidacy for dental implants. Our Palm Beach Gardens team is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly and will help Answer any questions you may have about the treatment. Dr. Ajmo will discuss with you your options for Anesthesia And Sedation to help keep you comfortable during your appointment.

A traditional dental implant procedure involves gently inserting the titanium screw into your jawbone. Because it takes a few weeks for your bone and the implant to properly fuse (osseointegration), a temporary crown will be placed on the implant to maintain the aesthetics of your smile.

Once your permanent restoration has been crafted by our highly skilled dental laboratory technicians and osseointegration is complete, the temporary crown will be removed and replaced with the more permanent tooth. Each crown we place is custom-designed to match your smile’s shape and color, as well as accentuate your facial features.

We will invite you back for a follow-up appointment a few weeks later to check the healing progress of your gums and your new smile.

A collage of before and after photos of a female patient of PGA Dentistry.


Your initial appointment at our Palm Beach Gardens office will help Dr. Ajmo Determine If Dental Implants are right for you. He will thoroughly examine your medical history and consult with your physician, if necessary. Your Overall Health And your oral health are uniquely connected and Dr. Ajmo strives to focus on that connection to provide you with the most comprehensive results.

Cost Of Dental Implants

We understand that our Palm Beach Gardens, FL patients would be concerned with the cost of a procedure. Our goal is to make sure that our patients are not only informed about the cost of a procedure but to also take into account how the cost will differ depending on the number of implants needed and if any supplemental procedures are required.

Dental Implants FAQ

We encourage any patients considering dental implants to peruse through our Frequently Asked Questions, where we’ve taken common questions from past dental implant patients and provide answers for them. If you find that your questions have not been answered, feel free to contact us at our Palm Beach Gardens, FL office, where one of our experienced staff will be on hand to assist you.

Learn More About Single-Tooth Dental Implants

If you are missing a tooth and seek a dentist who can replace it to restore your beautiful smile, look no further. Contact Dr. Ajmo today to schedule a consultation.

* For more about dental implants in Palm Beach Gardens, check out our Dental Implants Website. For your convenience, we have multiple offices, if you’re looking for Dental Implants In Jupiter FL contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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