Why the dental implant process takes multiple months: osseointegration

Getting dental implants in the Boca Raton area is the best way to replace missing teeth, but it is also the most time-consuming. The reason a dental implant takes so long is that you first need to go through a process called osseointegration. This occurs after the metal post is implanted into your jawbone, and the post fuses to your bone, so the jaw holds onto the post permanently. This is why implants are so durable and look, feel, and function like your natural teeth.

How Does Osseointegration Work?

Osseointegration begins as soon as the metal post is implanted into the jawbone, and the gums are sutured. This is a slow and steady process where the jawbone stars growing and healing around the post in order to hold it in place. This healing process is essential to the successful placement of dental implants and must be completed before the abutment and crown can be placed on the post. If the crown is placed too soon, it can affect the healing process during osseointegration. There is always a risk of osseointegration not working, such as from improper dental hygiene, smoking, lack of bone density, or having periodontal disease.

Why Does it Take so Long?

When you begin the dental implant treatment process in the Boca Raton, the longest period of time to wait is for osseointegration. The jaw is gradually healing and growing around the titanium post. Healing of your bone cannot happen overnight, so expect to wait about 3-6 months for the process to be complete. It is not something that can be rushed, and the quality of bone density determines exactly how long healing will take.

If you are planning on getting implants in the Boca Raton area, be prepared to wait. It is the longest procedure compared to all other types of restorative treatments and cosmetic dental procedures, but also the most effective.