Why replace your dentures with implants?

Until quite recently, patients who had missing teeth had very limited options available to them – either a gapped smile that would knock their confidence and potentially impact on the functionality of your mouth or dentures. Dentures are false porcelain teeth that are attached to a plastic base that sits inside your mouth. However, dental implants are becoming an increasingly common replacement for traditional dentures, thanks to the larger number of benefits that they offer.

The benefits of dental implants

Below are the primary reasons why many people are opting for dental implants instead of dentures.


One of the primary reasons that dental implants are so popular is because of their robustness. The implant itself is made from titanium, which makes it the most successful implant surgery in the world as this material is almost never rejected by the human body. In comparison, some people find that they are allergic to the material used to make dentures.

The titanium implant is inserted into the jawbone where it fuses to it in a process known as osseointegration. Once this has taken place, the implant is completely secure and permanent.


The prosthetic tooth or teeth are color-matched just like dentures and secured to the implant post using an abutment. However, they are more natural looking than dentures and once in place, they are virtually imperceptible, making dental implants the most discreet solution for missing teeth on the market.


Dental implants are completely practical as they look and function just like a natural tooth and there are no limitations as to what you can eat, drink or do. However, some denture-wearers find that they unable to eat hard or sticky foods