Do I Need Teeth In A Day®?

With Teeth in a Day®, patients with teeth pulled can get their implants inserted and their restorations finished the same day. This has several advantages, including reducing treatment duration, preventing bone loss surrounding the extraction sockets, and eliminating tooth loss.  

dentist checking patient's teeth in a day

Teeth In A Day® Basics  

What Is Teeth In A Day®?  

Teeth In A Day® refers to a process that enables patients to acquire replacement teeth in a single day. You may have heard of different names for this treatment, including “Dental Implants in One Day,” “Teeth in One Day,” and “Teeth in One Visit.” The one-day implant procedure that restores a whole arch of replacement teeth may be known by various names, but they all refer to the same process.  

Typically, four to six dental implants are used in the process to build a permanent prosthesis. These implants serve as the anchors for a bridge or overdenture that replaces 12 to 14 teeth. Teeth In A Day® implants are a long-term, permanent alternative to dentures that can replace both damaged and missing teeth.  

Potential Candidates  

The Teeth In A Day® treatment is appropriate for patients who are in immediate danger of losing their teeth or who have recently experienced unexpected tooth loss. This choice is suitable for patients looking for:  

  • Dental implantation and tooth extraction performed on the same day.  
  • Single tooth or several teeth restoration  
  • Same-day bridgework or dentures supported by implants.  

Why Is It More Effective Than Regular Dentures?  

This treatment is superior to traditional dentures in several ways, including the short treatment duration. Because traditional dentures lack a root-like component to anchor the bone, they tend to resorb the jawbone more quickly than Teeth In A Day® implants do.  

Patients can keep a diverse diet with an implant-supported arch since it won’t slip out of position and is more effective at chewing.  

What Sets It Apart from Other Methods?  

This approach differs from traditional implant placement by positioning the back implants at an angle. The reason for this is that the frontal area of the jaw has denser bone than the rear, which can require sinus lift and bone grafting. It also has a minimum of six to nine months of waiting and healing time.  

You can gain from the dense bone in the frontal region of the jaw, but some dentists can also place a lengthier implant on the upper arch with a much less invasive technique and without accessing the sinus cavity.  

How Much Time Will the Recovery Process Take?  

The implants are anchored into the bone, thus there is no need for healing time or bone integration to attach the permanent bridge to the implant. Most of the time, the early insertion of these specific implants provides dentists with strong primary stability, eliminating the need for the usual six- to nine-month bone integration.  

woman smiling wearing teeth in a day

Can Everyone Get Teeth In A Day®?  

Although dentists usually make an effort to give a fixed temporary solution when asked, there are particular situations in which this should not be performed. If teeth are placed on the implant right away, softer bone quality and difficulties placing the implant firmly could result in early implant failure. It is imperative that you follow the specific post-procedure home care and nutrition instructions if you’ve chosen Teeth In A Day®.  

Patients undergoing frequent tooth extractions or those who have recently lost a number of teeth due to trauma or an accident will find this dental implant surgery particularly alluring. However, there are patients who can’t get this treatment. Call us to know if you can have this exceptional dental procedure.