Dentures Care 101

Many people choose partial, custom, or full arch dentures in Palm Beach Gardens when a tooth is lost. They can be a useful tool for restoring your smile, but regular maintenance is necessary to maintain your life and dental health. We’ll go over some important advice for maintaining your dentures in this blog.

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Tips on How to Care For Your Dentures    

Daily Denture Cleaning    

Cleaning your dentures daily is essential if you want to keep them looking and feeling great. Use a soft-bristled brush and a mild soap or denture cleanser to remove any food residue or plaque. Use toothpaste sparingly because its abrasive components could damage the surface of your dentures.    

Soak Your Dentures  

For proper care of your dentures, soak them overnight. They can stay hydrated and avoid warping by submerging them in water or a reasonable denture-soaking solution. This is crucial for those who wear their dentures all day since it offers the appliances a chance to recover from daily use.      

Treat Dentures With Respect  

Dentures are brittle and readily break, especially when you drop them. With this said, it is best to handle them carefully and not bend or twist them. To avoid mishaps, keep them safely stored while not in use.      

After eating, rinse your dentures to prevent stains and bad breath from sticking to them. Likewise, thoroughly rinse your dentures with water to clean them. Your dentures will stay clean and fresh if you follow this easy tip.      

Consult a Dentist Regularly  

Even if you wear dentures, it’s still necessary to have regular dental exams. Your dentist can review your dentures to ensure they are in good shape and fit properly. Additionally, they can help you take care of them and identify potential issues early on by offering you expert assistance.      

Properly Store Dentures  

When not in use, keep your dentures in a clean and moist spot, like a bowl of water or a denture container. This will lessen their chance of drying out and deforming, which could make them uncomfortable and influence how well they fit.      

Finally, maintaining your dentures properly is crucial for both their longevity and your oral health. You can guarantee that your dentures last as long as possible and that your oral health is maintained by following these easy measures.      

Fun Facts About Dentures      

  • The first dentures were created using fragments of ivory or bone, as well as human or animal teeth. Nowadays, dentures are often made of a combination of metal and plastic.
  • Dentures that no longer fit properly should be professionally adjusted or replaced since improperly fitting dentures can lead to discomfort, ulcers, and even infections.
  • Since their inception, dentures have advanced significantly. Today, they are available in a wide range of designs and materials, from conventional full dentures to more contemporary partial dentures and implant-supported dentures.
  • Denture wearers in Japan and Europe frequently embellished their prosthetics during the 16th and 17th centuries with intricate designs and priceless diamonds, turning them into fashionable jewelry and useful prosthetics.
  • Some of the earliest denture adhesives were created using saliva, honey, and eggs. Medical-grade ingredients are frequently used to make denture adhesives, often available as lotions, powders, or strips for increased security.
  • A condition known as “denture breath” brought on by bacteria developing in denture material affects some people who wear dentures. Hence, it’s critical to clean your dentures periodically to prevent this.
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