Cosmetic Dentistry: Teeth Reshaping

With teeth reshaping, also known as cosmetic dental contouring, your smile will look more beautiful. Cosmetic beautification and enhancement brought about by teeth reshaping can be even greater than you’d imagine. It’s a good thing there is a cosmetic dentist in Palm Beach Gardens to cater to everyone’s needs.  

Most people don’t expect teeth reshaping to get a whole new level of change to their teeth, especially their smiles, but it actually does. Plus, it’s an easy, less expensive, and a one-session procedure that will change not just your smile but your oral health as well!  

Dental contouring is highly recommended for people with minor oral problems who wish to have their slightly chipped or damaged teeth look more beautiful.  

Pros of Teeth Reshaping  


Practical and Convenient  


Teeth reshaping is not very expensive, unlike any other dental procedure, and it is the easiest one. Compared to the different smile enhancement treatments, it transforms the contour of faulty and damaged teeth. You may appear young and attractive through cosmetic contouring!


Not Time-Consuming  


Within an hour or less, teeth shaping can be completed! It does not take up too much of your time compared to other dental procedures because it does not involve complex procedures. It requires less dental work, and it’s noninvasive.  


Enhances Beauty  


It is best to sculpt teeth if you have crowded and crammed teeth to make them appear much straighter and aligned. Contouring teeth also removes the outer stains and hypocalcified (not enough calcium) surface on your teeth.  


How Do Dentists Reshape Teeth with Cosmetic Contouring?  


First, your dentist scans and takes necessary images of all parts of your teeth to form different angles and positions. They may even take a few shots for the before and after comparison, so you will know exactly how your smile and appearance changes.  

After that, your dentist uses markers to spot and label the different parts of your teeth that should be contoured. Whether it’s from the back of the teeth, the surface, or the side of the teeth, indicators will have to be made.  

Now comes the carving and cutting of the teeth. Here, your dentist uses diamond burs, sandpaper discs, and other sanding instruments to carve out the enamel of your teeth. During this process, they may use water to cool down the process and allow your mouth to relax. Finally, your dentist will use polishing instruments to give your teeth a shiny and bright look.  


Notes and Tips After Teeth Reshaping Procedure  


  • Sensitivity typically disappears a day or two after your cosmetic contouring.  
  • If you feel that teeth sensitivity gives you discomfort, dentists might prescribe desensitizing toothpaste to stop hypersensitivity.  
  • Suppose a dentist uses composite resin to bond and fill the grooves of your teeth during the procedure. In this case, regular gentle toothbrushing is needed and high-sugar diets should be avoided.  
  • No chewing on hard objects.
  • Avoid teeth grinding.
  • Try to be gentle with your teeth. Give them the care as you did before and enjoy your newly-created attractive smile.  


Ready to Show That Smile with the Help of a Cosmetic Dentist in Palm Beach Gardens?  


If you are looking for an affordable and painless way to have cosmetic teeth, dental contouring is a great option. Set an appointment with us!