Are Dental Implants Better Than Dental Bridges?

There are several options if a tooth is missing: a dental bridge, dentures, a dental implant, or you don’t do anything. The last alternative works for any budget, especially if you don’t have one. But we don’t advise it since leaving a tooth unreplaced can alter the curve of your face, affect the way you speak, make it difficult to bite and chew and cause your remaining teeth will shift and become out of place. We advise you to get a dental bridge or dental implants in Palm Beach Gardens.  

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Dental Implants vs. Dental Bridges  

What Are These Treatments?  

A dental bridge fills the voids left by missing teeth by joining artificial teeth with natural teeth. To do a bridge operation, the outer layer of your natural teeth will be removed by at least 1mm. Bridges offer support and stop teeth from moving and falling into voids left by missing teeth. Since teeth are joined and can no longer be flossed separately, bridges have a different feel.  

On the other hand, a dental implant inserts a new tooth root and crown into your mouth to replace a missing tooth. Natural teeth and implant replacements coexist, and both have the same appearance, feel, and functionality. Cleaning and flossing around implants are the same as they are around natural teeth.  

Benefits Each Treatment Can Offer

  • Dental Bridges  

Dental insurance frequently provides partial, if not complete, coverage for dental bridges. Also, dental implants are more expensive than bridges. As for the length of treatment, a bridge treatment is quicker and needs less time away from the office. Moreover, when there is bone loss or other issues, dental bridges are an option.  

  • Dental Implants  

Dental implants function like natural teeth because of their strength, endurance, and look. Implants can stop jawbone deterioration and ensure your bite is secure because they replace the tooth’s root.  

Most patients with a missing tooth say dental implants are the most outstanding choice for regaining your natural smile. It can last a lifetime with proper care. Further, implants are the ideal solution when the teeth next to a lost tooth have extensive decay or are fragile.  

Are Dental Implants More Durable Than Bridges?  

Yes, dental implants may be permanent, while bridges only last for about five to ten years. Implants are less likely to fail than bridges. The latter is likewise vulnerable to cracks, root canals, cavities, and gum disease. Additionally, the danger of gum disease or fracture is low with implants.  

Suitable Candidates for Dental Implants  

The right candidate for dental implants is those with teeth that matured to have ceased growing their jawbone and have healthy gums. Additionally, you should have adequate bone to hold the implants in place. However, you can still be a good implant candidate even if you’ve lost your jawbone.  

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Making a Choice Between a Dental Bridge or Dental Implants in Palm Beach Gardens    

By drilling into existing teeth, joining teeth, and artificial bonding teeth to one another, implants do not damage the natural ones. In dental bridges, real teeth are used as support for false replacement teeth. Bridges have the benefit of being performed quickly. However, implants are often a better alternative for replacing teeth than bridges. Bridges don’t last as long as implants. Additionally, implants frequently have lower costs in the long run.    

If you have more questions about dental implants and bridges, we’d be delighted to meet with you to review your tooth replacement choices. Call us for more information.