Smile Design Candidacy


It’s difficult to feel happy and expressive if your smile has flaws – crooked teeth, unsightly stains or cracks on the surface can dampen the demeanor of any patient. At PGA Dentistry, we strive to offer the Best Treatments available for our Palm Beach Gardens, FL patients. The first step towards any procedure is to consult with Dr. Ajmo about the condition of your oral health and what procedures would be best for you. Smile designs are customized to you, making your smile even more bright and genuine.

Qualifications For Smile Design

The best candidates for smile designs such as porcelain veneers, gum contouring or teeth whitening usually have fair oral health and habits. If you’re suffering from bite issues, facial collapse or other debilitating dental flaws, then smile design may be for you. Patients with tooth decay, fillings, prosthetic crowns or heightened tooth sensitivity should consult with Dr. Ajmo about what treatments or additional procedures would be best for them.

Tooth decay or gum disease can make it difficult for the smile design procedures, as the sensitivity in the tooth can be affected or even become worse. It’s also recommended that patients who habitually grind or clench their teeth explore options with Dr. Ajmo as grinding and clenching can damage or reduce the longevity of your newly minted teeth, especially porcelain veneers. Patients must also have enough tooth enamel to support the smile design procedures, such as the veneer shells or teeth whitening process. For gum contouring, this procedure is typically reserved for patients with excess gum tissue, small teeth, an uneven gum line, or other periodontal issues. If the patient is lacking in gum tissue due to gum recession or other oral health issues, a gum graft may be recommended instead.

Additional Procedures

For some patients, multiple treatments and procedures may be needed to achieve their dream smile. In that case, Dr. Ajmo is highly experienced in performing combined treatments. Some examples of combined treatments include porcelain veneers and teeth whitening, dental implants and porcelain veneers, etc. During the initial consultation with Dr. Ajmo, he’ll guide you in exploring the multiple options available and analyze your medical history for any obstacles that may need to be overcome.


Here at PGA Dentistry, we firmly believe that a great smile can be life-changing. No patient will be turned away because of poor oral hygiene. Dr. Ajmo will work with you to determine which treatments and procedures are best to achieve that bright, white smile. Our Palm Beach Gardens, FL patients can enjoy youthful vibrance and a renewed confidence with our customized smile design plans. Contact us today for a free consultation with Dr. Ajmo!

Complimentary Consultation or 2nd Opinion

- Exam
- Full Mouth X-Ray
- Digital Smile Imaging
- Private Consultation with Doctor ($350value)
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