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Teeth Next Day is your Juno and Palm Beach Gardens solution to a total smile transformation. No matter what is happening in your mouth, no matter how hopeless you think your smile has become, PGA Dentistry can clear up all infection, eliminate major issues and dental diseases, and let you leave the office with a smile you will want to show off – immediately.

Our Palm Beach Gardens dental patients can’t stop raving about the transformational power of Teeth Next Day. You could be one of them!

    • Is your smile failing?
    • Have you suffered from severe periodontal disease?
    • Are you missing teeth?
    • Have you been told you aren’t a candidate for dental implants?
    • Are you sick of uncomfortable removable partials or dentures and the gooey adhesive that they require?
    • Wish you could have permanently attached teeth – all day and all night?
    • Have you wished for dental implants but couldn’t afford to wait for up to a year while your implant heals or spend visit after visit in the dental office?
    • Do you just wish you could have the confidence and pleasure a whole and healthy smile can bring – fast?
teeth next day

Then why not ask PGA dentistry about Teeth Next Day for Juno and Palm Beach Gardens? It really can give you instant relief, health, and beauty. Many people who have been told they don’t have enough bone for traditional dental implants discover that Teeth Next Day will work for them. And with our revolutionary Nano-ceramic bridges, many patients can get their permanent teeth within 48 hours so you never have to deal with temporaries, even for a minute.

Choose an implant dentist you can trust: Dr. Ajmo has undergone years of postdoctoral training in dental implant surgery and restoration by renowned institutions in Dental Implantology, and he’s one of only 400 Board Certified Dental Implant Surgeons worldwide who routinely performs Teeth Next Day procedures for his patients.

We offer a complimentary consultation to help you learn about what Teeth Next Day in Palm Beach Gardens can do to revolutionize your smile – and your life!

If you’re missing multiple teeth, have advancing periodontal disease, are suffering with failing dental work and are tired of using dentures or other means to fill the void, then look to Teeth Next Day for a quick restorative solution that in most cases will last a lifetime.

The Permanent Nanoceramic Implant Bridge is the newest technological breakthrough…

The Permanent Nanoceramic Implant Bridge is the newest technological breakthrough in permanent implant-supported bridgework. This beautiful custom-milled ceramic bridge is infused with a specialized resin which gives it very slight flexibility more closely mimicking the natural flexing of real teeth while chewing foods. The bridge is bonded to a strong Trilor framework which also has very slight flexure. The advantage of having minor flexing of the prosthesis is that it places less stress on the dental implants, resulting in fewer implant failures. This revolutionary material combines exceptional strength, unparalleled aesthetics, and long-lasting permanent results. The Permanent Nanoceramic Implant Bridge is commonly supported by 6 implants and is delivered 48 hours following tooth extraction and dental implant surgery. No temporary teeth! Prior to the introduction of Trilor, most full-arch substructures were milled from titanium which, due to its stiffness, transfers undesired…

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Are you suffering from damaged teeth, major dental issues, failing…

Are you suffering from damaged teeth, major dental issues, failing teeth, failing dental work, missing teeth, or wear removable dentures? You are probably wondering what you can do to improve your ability to chew food comfortably, speak clearly, and smile with confidence. The Teeth Next Day® Zirconia Implant Bridge may be the perfect solution for you. The Zirconia Implant Bridge protocol involves computer-generated CAD/CAM designing and milling of the actual bridge out of a solid block of zirconia, the hardest material available in dentistry. A custom temporary bridge is milled and designed out of special hard plastic. This temporary bridge is designed to be worn for about 3 months while the implants integrate into the jawbone. This dental implant protocol is time tested and proven to be one of the most predictable, durable, and aesthetic options in dentistry today. This…

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Your smile is an important asset in your life. Feeling…

Your smile is an important asset in your life. Feeling comfortable smiling, eating, and speaking provides a sense of self-confidence and supports emotional health and well-being. Many of our patients are searching for teeth replacement options that closely resemble natural teeth, so they look younger and feel their best. Porcelain Implant Bridgework offers many full-arch dental implant patients a premium option for permanent teeth replacement. This highly aesthetic bridge is unique in that in most cases, only the teeth are replaced, not the gum tissues, so there’s no pink flange around the bridge. The result is a permanent set of strong teeth that look so similar to real teeth, you nor anyone else will know the difference. If you’re looking for “The best option available in full-arch teeth replacement,” the permanent porcelain bridge is it! The Permanent Porcelain Implant Bridge…

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Many of us wouldn’t buy a product without seeing it…

Many of us wouldn’t buy a product without seeing it first or reading some reviews. At PGA Dentistry, we believe in the same concept when it comes to our professional dental implant procedures. While we have glowing testimonials from satisfied patients, we’ve found that our Palm Beach Gardens, FL patients can be even more reassured with a visual representation. Below, you’ll find just a few success stories of before and after pictures of patients who moved forward with Teeth Next Day® procedures.​ Jackie With years of poor dental health and deterioration taking it’s toll, Jackie was in desperate need of a permanent solution. Dr. Jay Ajmo provided her with a Zirconia Bridge to bring her smile back to life! Lenny Having suffered from dental phobia all his life, Lenny was very concerned with how many visits and procedures he would…

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Being afraid to smile because of your failing or missing…

Being afraid to smile because of your failing or missing teeth can be embarrassing. Whether you are missing teeth from an accident, failing dental work, gum disease, decay or other issues, gaps in your smile can often lead to a lack of confidence, lack of socializing, and even depression. Poor dental health is also closely related to heart disease and a multitude of other health problems. At PGA Dentistry, we can eliminate dental diseases and completely transform your smile with Teeth Next Day®. Teeth Next Day® offers the many benefits of dental implants with the added bonus of having a brand new smile the next day after implant surgery. If you’re missing multiple teeth, have advanced periodontal disease, suffer from failing dental work, feel tired of using dentures or other restorations, then look to Teeth Next Day for a quick…

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For patients with missing teeth or failing dental work, Teeth…

For patients with missing teeth or failing dental work, Teeth Next Day® offers an optimal solution customized to fit your unique situation. Teeth Next Day® is one of the best options available in teeth replacement today! Patients of PGA Dentistry can enjoy the benefits of these amazing restorations immediately with Teeth Next Day®, available in our Palm Beach Gardens dental practice. You can have dental implants placed in our All-in-One Implant Center and leave the next day with an implant-supported bridge that looks like your real teeth. Missing teeth, major dental problems, and failing dental work can make life miserable. If you’re experiencing these problems, don’t wait. Contact PGA Dentistry today! Candidacy for Teeth Next Day® The best candidates for Teeth Next Day® are patients with multiple missing teeth, failing dental work, extensive dental decay, infections, loose teeth, a long…

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With the revolutionary Teeth Next Day solution, you can enjoy a complete and brand new smile in just two days! No need to wait months wearing uncomfortable temporary teeth with Teeth Next Day.

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