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Dental Implants


Dr. Jay Ajmo of PGA Dentistry is proud to perform dental implant surgery and restoration in order to provide his patients with all of the incredible advantages implant dentistry has to offer. The benefits of dental implants are vast, and our Palm Beach Gardens team has perfected the treatment to provide improvements to the aesthetics, function, health, and structure of your smile. Our patients in Palm Beach Gardens, FL have found relief in dental implants from the following symptoms as well:

  • Tooth pain
  • Bite problems from missing teeth
  • Issues with dentures or dental bridges
  • Changes to facial appearance resulting from jawbone loss

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Structural Benefits

As soon as you lose a tooth, the basic structure of your mouth begins to change. The jawbone beneath the lost tooth will start to deteriorate and your existing teeth will shift out of place. If left untreated for a longer period of time, missing teeth can cause the structure of your face to change as well. The more missing teeth you have, the faster these changes occur. Replacing lost teeth with dental implants as soon as possible will provide facial and jaw support that cannot be matched by removable dentures or traditional bridges.

Functional Benefits

Day-to-day activities such as chewing, biting, eating, and speaking are much more difficult without a full set of teeth, particularly if you wear removable dentures. By placing dental implants to create a complete smile, Dr. Ajmo can help you restore full function to your mouth.

Health Benefits

The gaps left when teeth are extracted or lost can harbor disease and decay-causing bacteria. Because the gaps can be difficult to clean, plaque can build up more quickly. If left untreated, this buildup can lead to gingivitis, gum disease, tooth decay, infection, and even further tooth loss.

The exposed gum can be damaged by sharp foods, causing unnecessary pain or sores. When you speak with Dr. Ajmo about the benefits of dental implants, he will explain how much easier it will be to maintain your oral health after the procedure. Brushing and flossing will keep your smile clean, as will biannual visits to PGA Dentistry for professional cleanings and check-ups.

Aesthetic Benefits

Dr. Ajmo is dedicated to providing care that meets both your restorative and cosmetic expectations. A dental implant procedure, although restorative in nature, should not be completed without aesthetic goals in mind. After all, we want you to walk out of our office with higher confidence in your smile and yourself. Living without a complete set of teeth can make smiling, laughing, and speaking uncomfortable. Between the secure comfort of having strong, stable teeth and the dazzling, natural appearance of our tooth-colored restorations, your new smile will conveniently give you the self-assurance you need to conquer whatever comes your way.

The Osseointegration Advantage

Dental implants are also one of the most secure tooth replacement options out there. Unlike dentures or dental bridges that can be shaken loose during eating or talking, you’ll never have to worry about your dental implant becoming loose or falling out. This is done through a process called osseointegration – the process of bonding the implant to the jawbone, creating a firm foundation for the ceramic or porcelain tooth that will be capped on top.

Osseointegration also has another benefit – strengthening the once weakened bone and gums underneath. When a tooth goes missing, it’s difficult for the bone to heal again with the gap left behind. If left untreated, this gap could cause further damage, leading to facial collapse and a sunken appearance. Your surrounding teeth could also shift around, leading to a reduced bite pressure or even pain, and eating or talking will feel stressful. After the implant is embedded, the gums are also reformed around the implant and heal around it as though it were a natural tooth.

Tooth Loss and Self-Confidence

It’s difficult to imagine that a healthy smile helps people to smile more! And when you feel good about your smile, it can do wonders for your confidence as well. Studies have shown that having 1 or more missing teeth can cause a lack of confidence, along with the symptoms of facial collapse if left untreated. Your friends and family may treat you differently as your face changes. If you lost a tooth due to tooth decay, your dental implant can help heal the area and it encourages our patients to take better care of their teeth. A dental implant can be cared for in the same way that you would with your natural teeth – brushing, flossing, mouthwash, et cetera.

The PGA Experience

The benefits of dental implants are only magnified by the benefits of being a patient of our practice. Dr. Ajmo will carefully plan where each tooth should be to maximize its cosmetic and functional potential. Our meticulous planning will ensure that your new smile looks natural, allows for normal function, and provides facial support. Our precise 3D CT planning technology takes our skill over the top. We will have you eating your favorite foods again in no time.


If you are ready to revitalize your smile, it’s time to contact Dr. Ajmo in Palm Beach Gardens. Learn more about the many benefits of dental implants and take charge of your oral health.

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