Choosing The Right Dentist

Choosing the Right Porcelain Veneer Dentist

Are you looking for the right porcelain veneer dentist in Palm Beach Gardens, FL? As with many other things in life, the old adage “you get what you pay for” applies in a very real way to dental procedures. So what does that mean for dental patients shopping around for a “good deal?” Here are 3 very important reasons to think twice about discount Porcelain Veneer dentists, low-cost services or bargain-basement veneer products.

Inexpensive Procedures Can Mean Lesser Quality Product

No one gets a dental product with the intention of having it replaced in a short period of time. Products like crowns, Dental Implants, and veneers are not all created equal. Quality, shape, color, and texture can vary dramatically from product to product. Consequently, some products have a shorter lifespan, need to be repaired more frequently, and may have issues with inferior color and appearance.

Here at our practice, we select the highest quality products with the knowledge that our patients only deserve the best. You shouldn’t have to return to the dentist frequently to have your product repaired, modified or replaced.

Ashley had dark stained teeth that were chipped and worn. Her smile was restored with upper and lower cosmetic porcelain veneers. Emax porcelain veneers gave her a bright smile that makes her look and feel healthy. Actual patient of Dr. Jay Ajmo.

Cheaper Costs Can Mean a Less Experienced Dentist

With dentistry, most patients want to see a doctor that has many chances to perform their particular procedure. Experience gives a level of seasoning and confidence that ensures your procedure will be successful, visually pleasing, and superior in every way. This is why when given the choice, most patients would choose a dentist with extensive experience.

With nearly 30 years of exceptional practice in the dental field, Dr. Ajmo is one of the top dentists in Florida. In addition to his numerous honors, certifications, and awards, he was voted “South Florida’s Most Distinguished Cosmetic Dentist” by The Best of South Florida and is widely recognized as a leader in the field of cosmetic and implant dentistry.

Dr. Ajmo holds internationally recognized credentials in Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, and Sedation Dentistry. These credentials are only attained through years of advanced education and a consistent commitment to learning the latest techniques in a rapidly changing field where experience and qualifications matter.

Since 1987, Dr. Ajmo has earned a reputation for outstanding customer satisfaction, superior quality dentistry, and naturally beautiful smile designs.

Check the education, background, and procedures performed before seeing any dental care provider. Few dentists in Florida or across the country can compare to the education, advanced skills, and achievement of Dr. Ajmo. Come see for yourself why Dr. Ajmo is so highly spoken of in the dental community!

Lower Fees Can Mean Less Time Is Spent Ensuring Your Procedure Is Perfect

Having a porcelain veneer procedure can be stressful and expensive. This is why patients should expect their doctor to take their time and not rush treatment. Lesser cost dentists may rush your services in order to fit more clients in and make more money for their practice.

Here at PGA Dentistry, we take our time and offer you additional services to make your experience positive and comfortable. To achieve this goal, we offer spa-like amenities like: soft blankets, aromatherapy, neck pillows, and noise-canceling headphones. We want you to rave about our office, so we will never rush you, your services or your treatment.

What Does It All Mean?

Ultimately, there is nothing to stop patients from shopping around to get better prices for their dental services. We encourage the process, as long as you, the patient, understand what you are getting and the consequences that often occur with lower cost dental products and services.

Here at PGA Dentistry, we believe that our patients deserve the absolute best products and top-notch service when they are installed. For this reason, we don’t cut corners, buy inferior materials or shorten the length of critical treatments.

Your porcelain veneer treatment should be high quality, aesthetically superior, and should be made to last. We hope that you agree with us and continue to show us your appreciation by getting your dental services at our offices, leaving your wonderful feedback on our testimonials page, and telling your friends and family about our practice. We would love to help you get a gorgeous and healthy smile today.


Dr. Ajmo and the amazing staff at PGA Dentistry take pride in restoring smiles and self-confidence with high-quality products and superior service. If you live in the Palm Beach Gardens, Stuart, Jupiter, and Boca Raton, FL areas, come take advantage of Dr. Ajmo’s exceptional skills and experience. There is no time like the present to get your smile and your self-esteem back! Come see us today for your no-obligation consultation and find out why so many happy patients have successfully restored their smiles.

Complimentary Consultation or 2nd Opinion

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