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Is your smile riddled with unattractive metal fillings? Fortunately, dental care has undergone rapid advancements over the years. Dentists used to repair teeth with dark toxic metals because they were the only option. Today, however, tooth-colored fillings made of strong porcelains blend beautifully into anyone’s smile.

As a general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ajmo uses tooth-colored porcelain fillings to replace outdated silver/mercury amalgam fillings. This year, the Food And Drug Administration deemed amalgam fillings, which contain mercury, hazardous to children, fetuses, pregnant women, and people with mercury sensitivity. For your safety, Dr. Ajmo does not place amalgam fillings or use toxic materials that could be harmful to your overall health.

Placing a tooth-colored filling is quick and easy, and we pay close attention to Patient Comfort during any procedure. If you need fillings, don’t postpone treatment. Tooth decay won’t heal naturally, but it can rapidly spread to cause extensive damage.

Call the Palm Beach Gardens office of Dr. Ajmo today if you’d like to replace your outdated silver fillings with aesthetic tooth-colored porcelain fillings. We’ve created beautiful, all-white smiles for hundreds of patients across this area, including those from Tequesta, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, and Juno Beach.

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