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John had dark grey teeth which affected his confidence. He wanted a handsome, white smile that would enhance his professional image and make him feel good. Dr. Ajmo was able to hide John’s dark tetracycline stain with Emax porcelain veneers. The final result makes dramatic changes to John’s entire face.

“Words cannot tell you how grateful I am for what you've done for me. I look and feel so great! Your work is amazing.”


Ben’s teeth were hopeless and he wanted to look and feel like he had his own teeth. Dr. Ajmo performed complete dental reconstruction with implants and permanent bridgework under IV sedation.

“If you want to take the rest of your life on a smile tour, pick Dr. Ajmo and his staff!”

Dennis C.


George had lost several teeth due to decay. He wanted to replace his missing teeth and restore his smile. Dr. Ajmo’s replace missing teeth with implants and restored George’s mouth with porcelain crowns. The final result is a healthy mouth and a great smile too.

“The care at PGA Dentistry is the best. Dr. Ajmo is really a perfectionist and is highly skilled at what he does. I feel much younger and healthier.”


teeth next day before and after


Most of Jackie’s teeth were falling apart at the gum line, and she was unable to smile due to the constant pain and embarrassment she felt. This constant pain and poor dental health also led to Jackie not being able to eat healthily or regularly. Through Dr. Ajmo’s Teeth Next Day process, Jamie’s life changed for the better!

“I felt like I was finally getting a piece of myself back! I don't struggle when I eat, and I'm smiling all the time. It really shows!”


Linda D.



Sharon C.

Sharon lost most of her teeth due to failure of her old crowns. She was extremely fearful of dentists and wanted a dentist who could provide her with permanent implant options under sedation. After dental reconstruction Sharon can smile with confidence and never worry about wearing dentures.

“I have always suffered with major dental problems and wanted a special dentist who could give me a smile I'd be proud of. I'm so thankful I found the right doctor to help me.”





Rita G.


Nancy’s teeth were worn down, dark and crooked. She wanted longer white teeth and a youthful healthy smile. Dr. Ajmo performed a complete smile makeover with Porcelain Veneers. He lengthened and straightened her teeth to accentuate her full lips and narrow features. The final result is a more youthful vibrant look to her whole face and her smile.

“Dr. Ajmo did a beautiful job on my smile makeover. He's like an artist! Thank you Dr. Jay.”


Patricia had an uneven gumline, dark yellow teeth and a very narrow upper jaw. Because she has such a high smile line, she shows a lot of gum and all her teeth when she smiles. She wanted to show less gum, broaden her upper arch form and have a bright white smile that she could be proud of. She had laser gum contouring to reduce and balance her gum line. Then she had a full smile makeover with cosmetic porcelain crowns and veneers. With the porcelain restorations, Dr. Ajmo widened the appearance of her upper arch to broaden her smile. Patricia’s face looks so much healthier and more youthful.

“I went on for years not comfortable with my teeth and smile. I’m totally amazed at how this improved my overall appearance. Every day, someone comments on how nice my smile looks. My friends tell me my entire face looks younger and healthier. All my thanks to Dr. Ajmo and PGA Dentistry.”



Sandy’s teeth were dark yellow & severely crowded. She wanted the brightest smile she could have to help her look as young as she feels. Sandy had a complete smile makeover with cosmetic porcelain veneers. Since she was nervous about dental treatment, so she opted for IV sedation during treatment. The entire procedure was completed in 2 weeks.

“This is by far the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. My new smile makes me look younger, healthier & really beautiful. Thank you Dr. Ajmo for helping me feel so good about myself.”


Image of teeth reconstruction before and after


Tim suffered with major dental problems his whole life. Most of his teeth were chipped and cracked and he was very unhappy with his smile. He was very fearful of the dentist, so he always avoided going. Tim underwent full mouth restoration with Emax cosmetic porcelain crowns to restore his teeth to proper health and function leaving him with a smile he’s proud of.

“My wife had been wanting me to get my teeth fixed for years. I finally did it and am so glad I did. Thanks to Dr. Ajmo, I feel like a new man.”


Rebecca’s older dental work was failing and she was fearful of the dentist. She wanted a fuller smile while restoring her back teeth for health. Dr. Ajmo performed a Complete Smile Lift and Restoration adding symmetry to Rebecca’s entire face.Sedation was used for all treatment.

“After years of being fearful of the dentist, I met Dr. Ajmo and immediately felt confident. The sedation worked great. Thank you for your wonderful work Rebecca.”

Restorative dentistry before and after


Rhonda had a very narrow upper jaw with dark yellow teeth. She wanted the whitest most brilliant smile possible and a fuller smile to complement her face and reflect her youth. Dr. Ajmo performed laser gum contouring to reshape Ronda’s gumline and designed a Complete Smile Lift with Porcelain Veneers. Even though Rhondas’ veneers are extremely white, they still have translucencies and contours that look as natural as possible.

“I'm really happy with my Smile Makeover. Dr. Ajmo and his staff were incredible. Thanks.”


JoAnn had older dental work done over the years that were different shades of yellow and didn’t match. She wanted all her dental work replaced with metal free cosmetic porcelain that was whiter and more attractive.



Hortensia had older dental work that had yellowed and was uneven. Her gums had receded showing metal collars around some of her crowns. She had her teeth restored with cosmetic porcelain crowns that are white and uniform to give her a bright, healthy smile that suits her full lips and pretty face.

“Dr. Ajmo did such a wondering job replacing my outdated work. My new smiles makes me feel absolutely beautiful!”

teeth next day before and after pic


Lenny was extremely fearful of the dentist and suffered with advanced periodontal disease. All of his teeth were loose and he knew his periodontal disease was directly linked to heart disease, but he kept it secret so he wouldn’t have to address the problem. His wife encouraged him to finally go to the dentist, so he researched online and found Dr. Ajmo. Lenny wanted the most natural looking and functional teeth he could get. Because Lenny was nervous about the procedure, he also wanted to be sure he would not feel or know anything at all during treatment. After careful consideration, Lenny chose to have Teeth Next Day® performed with IV sedation. His final restoration looks, feels and functions like his real teeth. Now all the disease is eliminated from Lenny’s mouth and he smiles with total confidence.

“I have always suffered with major dental problems and wanted a special dentist who could give me a smile I'd be proud of. I'm so thankful I found the right doctor to help me.”

Dental Implants images before and after


Linda lost most of her teeth over the years and knew she had to do something about it. She really didn’t want dentures and like so many others, she hated going to the dentist. She wasn’t sure what could be done, but her friend referred to our practice. Once she learned about Teeth Next Day® and IV sedation, she knew she could do it. Linda had her failing teeth removed, dental implants placed and Teeth Next Day® performed all under sedation. Now she smiles with confidence and is living her life to the fullest.

“I had major dental issues & knew I needed an expert to do it right the first time. After meeting with Dr. Ajmo & his team, I knew I was in the right place. Having my teeth & smile restored has completely changed my life. I can honestly say I’m so happy & it shows every time I smile. I can’t thank PGA Dentistry enough.”


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