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In today’s society, looks do matter. The fact is, your eyes and your smile are the first things people notice when they meet you. An unsightly smile dramatically detracts from your overall appearance.

Vertical Dimension of Occlusion (Bite position)

There are a number of factors that are taken into consideration of how your smile affects facial aesthetics.

Vertical Dimension of Occlusion is a measurement of the distance between the nose and chin. When people lose teeth, the bite collapses down leaving them with a sunken look to their entire face. This “decrease in vertical dimension” leaves a person looking unhealthy and years older than they really are.

Dental reconstruction can reestablish a normal vertical dimension of occlusion, leaving these patients looking so much younger and healthier. By restoring a patient’s bite to a proper vertical dimension, we can re-establish normal facial volume and lip fullness that is often lost from a collapsed bite.

Facial Balance & Symmetry

In facial aesthetics, symmetry is beauty. A balanced smile brings a significant balance to one’s face and overall appearance.

Arch Form

Arch form describes the shape of the upper and lower jaws. A patient may have a very narrow arch form that isn’t proportional to their face. A narrow arch form leaves excess room in the “buccal corridors,” which is the space between the sides of the smile and the cheeks.

Broadening arch form and filling the buccal corridors broadens the smile, adding proper proportions between the smile with the face.

Lip Fullness

When teeth are not in a proper position or are retruded, lip fullness is sacrificed. Properly planning a smile makeover can dramatically improve lip fullness, adding beauty to the smile and entire face.

Gum Line

Excessive gum showing when someone smiles can detract from one’s smile and overall appearance. Laser gum contouring can often reduce the amount of gum showing and add proper proportion between the teeth and gums.

Length of Upper Teeth

When teeth are too short or worn down, your teeth may not show when you smile. It’s not uncommon for patients to say “I don’t smile because you really don’t see my teeth.”

When properly performed, a smile makeover can re-establish proper length to the upper teeth, resulting in a cheerful, bright smile.

Tooth Shape

There are a number of various tooth shapes that are used in cosmetic dentistry. Generally speaking, square-shaped anterior teeth appear more masculine or dominant, and more oval or rounded front teeth appear more feminine or soft.

Oftentimes, we will create a combination of various shapes to give a patient a custom smile design that best suits their appearance and personality.

Shade or Color

In modern cosmetic dentistry, many patients will choose whiter teeth than we used to see 15-20 years ago. Generally speaking, one’s overall appearance and skin tone should be taken into consideration when choosing a shade or color for a smile design.

Super white teeth are often chosen by females who enjoy wearing makeup and like to dress in the latest style. Other patients may feel somewhat more conservative, so they don’t want teeth that are too white. These patients will often choose teeth that are still attractive and white, but not super white.

Personal preference is always discussed and reviewed before the final restorations are placed.

Contact us in Palm Beach Gardens today to learn more about what Smile Design do for you.

At PGA Dentistry, we take the time to discuss with you precisely what you’re looking for in your new smile. A complete photo session will be taken of your face, teeth, and smile so we can properly assess vertical dimension, facial symmetry, lip fullness, gum contours, tooth length and alignment, as well as, tooth shape and color.

Our goal is to help custom design a smile for each patient that enhances natural facial features and provides a healthy youthful smile that is enjoyed for many years.

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