What is facial aesthetics dentistry?

Facial aesthetics are very small, subtle non-surgical treatments that enhance certain aspects of your appearance. Expert knowledge and experience are needed to ensure that these aesthetics are delivered in such a way that they improve your appearance without making it obvious that you have undergone treatment and make it virtually impossible to determine what work you have undergone.

Facial aesthetics are considered a crucial element in smile design – the process of artistically creating the whitest, straightest and most attractive smile possible. Here are some of the main areas involved in facial aesthetics dentistry.

Vertical dimension of occlusion (bite position)

The vertical dimension of occlusion refers to the measurement of the distance between the chin and nose. In healthy teeth, the structure of this area of the mouth remains strong and the distance is maintained. However, tooth loss normally results in deterioration of the jaw, the collapse of the vertical dimension of occlusion and an appearance that is sunken, unattractive and causes you to look much older than you actually are. By reconstructing your smile using solutions such as dental implants, it is possible to restore the measurement of the vertical dimension of occlusion, add greater definition and strength to your facial structure and enable you to embrace a younger appearance.

Facial balance and symmetry

Studies have long found that facial balance and symmetry has a significant effect on how attractive we perceive someone to be. The greater the balance and symmetry, the more drawn we are to their face and the more desirable they are – not just in terms of finding a life partner, but also in how we pursue friends too. An even, balanced smile is also considered more attractive and can help bring greater symmetry to your face.

Arch form

Arch form is a term that is used to describe the shape of the upper and lower jaws and is something that can vary significantly between patients. For many people, a particularly small or narrow arch, or a very large one, can actually cause issues with the placement and overall position of their teeth – with issues such as overcrowding due to a lack of space, or gaps due to too much space, being common. However, the arch form also affects the overall proportions of the face. One of the best ways to enhance your appearance and help you make the most of your smile is to assess and, if needs be, address arch form problems so that you have natural and attractive proportions between your face and smile.

Lip fullness

It’s no secret that full, plump lips are one of the most popular facial features this decade. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that their teeth could be preventing them from experiencing the full power of their pout. This is because, if teeth aren’t perfectly aligned across the front of the mouth, it can cause the lips to snag on them and appear thinner or even invisible. A well-planned and executed smile makeover have the ability to restore the natural fullness of your lips, enhancing your overall appearance and giving you confidence in your smile.


Do you feel that your gums show more than they should when you smile? This is a very common issue amongst patients who have excess gum tissue and are said to have a ‘gummy smile’. Whether it affects a few of your teeth or your entire arch, laser gum contouring can be used to lengthen your crowns, reduce the amount of visible gum tissue and create a more even and attractive smile line.

Length of upper teeth

Teeth come in all different sizes. Unfortunately, if your upper teeth are naturally unusually short, or have been shortened by a problem such as erosion, they may not be visible when you smile. This gives your teeth an unbalanced appearance and causes many patients to dislike their smiles. The good news is that these teeth can be restored to a length that is more natural and attractive and helps you to enjoy a smile that you can be confident in sharing.

Tooth shape and color

The shape and color of our teeth are a huge factor in the attractiveness of our smile. The shape of teeth is primarily determined by the way that the gums fit around the top and the curves or straightness of the edge of the teeth that come together. Straighter lines are considered more aggressive, while curves are softer and more feminine in appearance. Similarly, white teeth are considered to be more attractive, healthier and a good indication of personal and professional success. However, if your teeth are too white, they can look false and unnatural.

When you opt for facial aesthetics, both the shape and color of your teeth can be discussed with you so that we can be certain that your smile design reflects who you are and how you want to be perceived.

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