Teeth Whitening and Coffee and Tea Stains

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Many patients come to the practice to undergo Teeth Whitening Treatment, Which Can Brighten And Whiten Smiles. We’d like to go over the basics of how teeth whitening works and how effective it is against coffee stains and tea stains.

About Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures around. With professional teeth whitening, a patient can have his or her smile lightened up to eight shades in just a single visit. This means a bright, white, beautiful smile that they can be proud of.

How Teeth Whitening Works

Teeth whitening involves the use of special dental bleaching agents. These bleaching agents work at the surface/enamel layer of the tooth, literally whitening the tooth structure itself in order to make the stains go away.

Professional whitening is much more effective than the over-the-counter teeth whitening products of the past.

Coffee and Tea Can Affect the Look of Your Smile

Coffee and tea are two of the leading causes of tooth discoloration and stains. Over time, regularly drinking coffee and tea can cause your teeth to become discolored, and sometimes significantly so. This is particularly true of the front teeth, which are in the path of the coffee and tea as you drink.

How Effective Is Teeth Whitening Against Coffee and Tea Stains?

Teeth whitening treatments are very effective at treating coffee stains as well as tea stains. Since these kinds of dental stains originate at the surface layer of the teeth, they can be properly targeted and treating through dental bleaching procedures.

Keep in mind that severe dental stains may require multiple teeth whitening treatments to fully address. That said, excellent results can be achieved through properly performed teeth whitening sessions.

Can My Teeth Get Stained After Teeth Whitening Treatment?


It’s a common misconception that after you undergo teeth whitening, your teeth may be stain resistant. In fact, your teeth are always susceptible to stains from coffee, tea, and other substances, even if you did undergo teeth whitening recently.

Additional Teeth Whitening for Touch-Ups and Lasting Results

In order to address future dental stains, you can undergo additional teeth whitening treatments in the future. This process means that you’ll be able to touch-up your teeth, allowing your smile to be bright and white in the years ahead.

Prolonging the Effects of Teeth Whitening

In order to prolong the effects of teeth whitening, consider the following tooth discoloration prevention tips:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day (ideally after every meal)
  • Floss your teeth at least once a night (ideally after every meal)
  • Use a straw when drinking iced coffee or iced tea
  • Drink your coffee or tea with milk to minimize its ability to stain

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