Implant Dentistry: Learn More About Single Tooth Replacement

When you are missing a tooth, self-confidence can go down as well as seeing an issue with the health of your mouth. A missing tooth can disrupt the smile balance, leading you do not want to interact with others as well as causing an issue when eating. With implant dentistry, a missing tooth can be replaced with a treatment type known as a single tooth replacement. In Palm Beach Gardens, we regularly provide this service to patients to improve teeth health as well as provide a complete smile.

There are solutions for a single missing tooth, that includes the implantation of a support dental crown. A crown or bridge can easily be used to replace the missing tooth, so you feel better about your smile. While you shouldn’t necessarily worry about a single missing tooth, you should know that every tooth has a function. Your teeth help you to create the sounds necessary for speech as well as biting and chewing food. Proper chewing is essential to the digestive process.

When a tooth is missing it can lead to the remaining teeth naturally moving into the space that was left behind. This shift can make your teeth go out of aligning which can lead to an improper bite, worn down enamel or other issues such as TMJ or tooth decay.

With Single Tooth Replacement, you will be able to resume normal chewing and biting of food as well as quality speech, plus avoid any other issues associated with teeth movement due to the empty space.

What Are My Options?

When it comes to single tooth replacement, there are options to consider. At PGA Dentistry, we focus on offering only the best single tooth replacement treatments for a quality permanent smile. One option is to consider a traditional bridge or partial denture. With this treatment, two adjacent dental crowns will support the replacement tooth. The adjacent teeth of the missing space will need to be prepared with some enamel removed. Crowns at both ends of the bridge will then be bonded to help suspend the bridge over the empty hole where the tooth once was. With this treatment option, you can expect the bridge to last for several years before a replacement will be needed.

A second option is an implant with supported crowns. A dental implant with a crown will be creating a root that is similar to a natural tooth. This is a more realistic approach to tooth replacement. A Traditional Implant will appear like your natural teeth and less noticeable than other treatment options.

With this treatment, a dental implant post is added to the empty space where the tooth was once located. You will have a simulated tooth placed in this area that will blend naturally with your remaining teeth. The implant will adhere to the jaw bone which helps the implant to last for many years to come.

Finding What’s Right for You

Either of these choices will work well to replace a single tooth. The goal is to use dental treatment to fill the missing space so that your overall mouth health is not affected. A missing tooth can lead to low self-confidence and by replacing it, you can see your smile restored.

At PGA Dentistry, we are ready to assist with a single tooth replacement. Consult with us today to learn more about your tooth replacement options based on your situation. Every patient is different, so it is important to consult with a professional dentist and have your teeth reviewed to find the right treatment type for your individual needs. Contact our office today to learn more and to schedule an appointment.