How to Know if Dental Implants Are for You

The quality of life and health of a patient can be considerably improved by replacing a missing tooth with dental implants in Palm Beach. When a tooth is lost due to an accident or disease, it can lead to issues such as rapid bone loss, stuttering, and changes in eating patterns – all of which can be painful. By replacing a lost tooth, a patient’s quality of life and health can be significantly enhanced.

Dental implant systems typically contain a dental implant body and abutment, as well as an abutment fixation screw. To replace the tooth’s root, the body is surgically implanted into the jawbone. The abutment fixation screw attaches the abutment to the implant body and extends through the gums into the mouth to support the attached artificial teeth.

diagram of Dental Implants palm beach

What Makes You Think You’d Need a Dental Implant?

Consider the Following

  • You either need enough bone to hold the implants in place or can get a bone transplant.
  • Do you have one or more teeth that are missing?
  • Do you have any other oral health problems?

Despite advances in dental treatment, millions of people lose teeth – most of which are caused by periodontal disease, tooth decay, or medical emergencies. Bridges and dentures were the only treatment choices for people lacking teeth for many years.  It’s a good thing that in this innovative world, there are dental implants.

They Provide Several Advantages

  • Aids in the prevention of jawbone shrinkage owing to bone loss.
  • The skin’s appearance is restored.
  • The health of the surrounding bone and gums is preserved.
  • Enhances the quality of life.
  • Chewing can be challenging but it works in the same way as natural teeth do, allowing you to consume your favorite foods with confidence and pain-free.
  • Aids in the stability of teeth that are contiguous (nearby).
  • Individual implants also improve dental hygiene by allowing simpler access between teeth.
  • Very long-lasting and durable. With proper maintenance, it can last a lifetime.
  • Restore your smile and assist you in feeling better about yourself.

They have the appearance and feel of natural teeth. They are also permanent since they are engineered to merge with bone. Before deciding on how to proceed and what to do, speak with your dentist about everything that you want to accomplish. They will be able to decide if you are a good candidate or not.

What to Keep in Mind if You Decide to Move Ahead

Your overall health influences whether you’re a good candidate for dental implants, how long it will take to heal, and how long the implant will last. Inquire about the brand and model of dental implant system your dentist uses as well. The implant body may take several months or more to heal, and you will most likely have a temporary abutment in place of your tooth during this period.

dentist examining teeth before placing Dental Implants in palm beach

Want to Learn More About Dental Implants in Palm Beach?

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