Dentures That Fit You

Are you considering dentures in West Palm Beach? As they appear similar, learning the different types of dentures and their distinctions are the best method to make the right decision. It is advised that you book a consultation with your dentist if you’re shopping for the perfect dentures near you. Nonetheless, here are the several types of dentures that you should be aware of.

Different Types of Dentures

Complete Dentures

As the name suggests, complete dentures replace both the lower and upper sets of teeth. When compared to dental bridges, this type of denture sits on the gums, while the former is anchored and attached to existing teeth. They are most appropriate when a person has lost all of their teeth.

Porcelain or acrylic dentures are placed together by a metal or acrylic base. After any remaining teeth are extracted, it’s essential to give time for the jaws to heal. After 8-12 months, traditional dentures will be available.

Partial Dentures

When a patient’s teeth are lost, your dentist may recommend partial dentures to replace them. Similar to complete dentures, they are made up of replacement teeth affixed to a pink-colored foundation. It is supported by a metal framework to secure the dentures in place. In addition to restoring lost teeth, partial dentures are necessary because they prevent the shifting of other natural teeth.

Custom-Made Dentures

Custom dentures are tailored to fit your preferences and smile. Unlike other dentures that are designed to replace your lost teeth, these dentures require additional work. Because they are custom-made for a more natural or realistic smile, they are more expensive.

Snap-In Dentures

Snap-in dentures are the finest when it comes to stability. With the support of dental implants or existing teeth, these dentures snap into place firmly. They are appropriate for patients who have missing teeth but still have sufficient bone structure to accommodate an implant.

Implant-Supported Dentures

A dental implant is used to stabilize the denture in implant-supported dentures. As a result, the denture gives a significant amount of support for a stable foundation, allowing everything to remain in place. The dental implant also has a natural aesthetic and will survive for a long time.

Immediate Dentures

This type of dentures is oftentimes fitted on the same day as the teeth are extracted or removed. However, you must be a good candidate for this sort of denture. You must have sufficient bone structure to successfully complete the treatment.

Low-Cost Dentures

The most cost-effective type of denture is known as economy dentures. They are conventional dentures, which means they are designed to fit most mouth sizes. Sometimes, they don’t fit properly or pleasantly in the mouth and seem artificial. As a result, denture adhesive is required for a better fit.


An overdenture is a removable appliance that fits on top of the gums and is kept in place by dental implants. It can be used on either the lower or upper jaw, depending on the specific demands of the patient. The overdenture can also be taken out.

Know More About Dentures in West Palm Beach

If you want to know which type of denture works best, come in for a consultation. Our dental professionals will walk you through the process so you can make an educated decision. We’ll be glad to assist you!