Can Anyone Get Teeth Whitening?

Almost everyone who uses teeth whitening products will get something out of it. The least invasive method to a better, more aesthetically pleasing smile is teeth whitening. As stated by a cosmetic dentist in Palm Beach, without using restoration materials, teeth whitening lightens the tint of the tooth and enhances the overall look.  

Nearly everybody can utilize whitening, but keep in mind that each individual instance will be taken into account during consultations.

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Am I a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

A Potential Candidate

The people who will profit from tooth whitening the most are those who drink tea and coffee more than once a day, smoke cigarettes, and have stains on their teeth from eating habits. These stains are occasionally yellow/brown, but typically appear more yellow.  

Food stains, which develop on the tooth’s outermost layer, are the easiest to lighten and eradicate. Heavy smokers, regular coffee and tea drinkers, however, are less likely to get positive results for long periods unless they are prepared to give up the habit. The stains can quickly return.

Desensitizing gel can be applied after teeth whitening to act as a temporary sealant, blocking the pores of the tooth. This is, if putting a halt to these substances is not something you can commit to. However, there is still a tiny chance that the substances will seep through and cause a new stain to form on the tooth.

More treatments will be needed for those with intrinsic stains than for the ordinary person. Stains that are found beneath the enamel’s surface are referred to as intrinsic stains. Grayish or grey-brown intrinsic stains require several applications because the gel needs to penetrate the enamel’s pores and reach the dentin.  

The hardest shade to get out of the dental tissue is gray. It is not impossible to achieve satisfactory results through whitening, but it will take more commitment and persistence.

Not a Potential Candidate

For those who have oral cancer, periodontal disease, persistent sensitivity, or significantly worn-down and damaged enamel, bleaching is not advised. Translucent teeth may become worse with each whitening treatment and application should be stopped immediately.

Before considering any whitening operation, it is advised that cavities are sealed and that the gums are in good health. There are various situations where whitening procedures may be less effective. You might not always be a good candidate for teeth whitening.

  • Children Under 16

It is not advisable to get your teeth whitened if you are under 16 years old. This is because whitening procedures could irritate the pulp chamber in young teeth.  

  • Pregnant and Lactating Women

It is not advised to whiten your teeth when you are expecting or nursing. There may be no concrete reason as to why it’s not advisable, but you can ask a cosmetic dentist to make sure.

  • Sensitivities and Allergies

You should tell your dentist if you have sensitive teeth, because it may be possible that you aren’t a good candidate for teeth whitening. Some treatments can increase sensitivity.

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Where to Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Palm Beach

The least invasive and expensive method of enhancing or improving a smile is tooth whitening. Bleaching is not risk-free or permanent, though. Also, scheduling a visit with your dentist to talk over any further concerns is always a smart idea. Call us!